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Degrassi Ep. 34: Can’t Tell Me Nothing Part 1

March 2nd, 2012

Katie stops at nothing to make an elite soccer team, Jenna finds new inspiration for her music and Tristan finds a solution to losing his best friend. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Katie is at the under 18 National Team Tryout for soccer and gets a little too rough on the soccer pitch.

She ends up breaking another player’s nose with her elbow. Dang gurl!

Katie thinks she should apologize (yes!), but Drew thinks she should be proud of playing so hard (what?) and ‘keep her eyes on the prize’. Maybe you should keep your ‘bows to yourself, too.

Katie still hasn’t heard whether she made it to the next round, but her friend has and she did make the cut. We meet Katie’s mom for the first time and she’s in wheelchair. I just realized that we’ve never heard much about Katie’s home life. I think this is going to be the season of the Maitlins. Katie is worried that breaking the other player’s nose may be the reason she hasn’t heard from the team. Karma, dude.

Katie and Marisol are trying to plan a big event to start off the school year, but things get interrupted when Katie gets a call and finds out that she made it to the next round of the try outs. She screams with excitement and breaks Marisol’s nose! K, maybe not. But to be safe, Marisol should give her some space.

Katie is at the second tryout and to player whose nose she broken goes after Katie.

She gets her revenge by tripping Katie and mangling her knee. Katie says she’s fine, but I don’t believe her.

Marisol finds Katie icing her knee, but instead of resting she wants to keep working on Degrassi events. Marisol has come up with an idea for an open mic night and Jake is already building the stage.

Drew bought Katie a brace, but she says she’s fine and tries taking a shot on him in the gym.

Definitely not fine.

Also, can we address the fact that these two look like their auditioning to play Sporty Spice in the Degrassi talent show? I likey. Drew is worried that Katie’s injury might be serious and that she’ll end up in a wheelchair. Katie gets upset and tells Drew that her mom was Katie’s age when she first started feeling the signs of Multiple Sclerosis. That explains Mrs. Maitlin’s wheelchair.

Drew gets Katie in to see his godfather, who is a sports doctor. He thinks Katie needs to stay off her knee or risk tearing her ACL and have permanent problems. Katie wants to get an injection to help with the pain, but the doctor refuses.

At home, Katie lies to her mother and doesn’t say anything about the knee (I’m counting omission as lying). Katie hands her mother her pills and when her mom leaves the room, Katie decides to take her mother’s codeine so that she can play through the pain at tomorrow’s practice.

With the help of the highly addictive, very strong pain pills, Katie is able to practice with Drew that night. She tells him the doctor gave her the okay to keep trying out. How long can she keep this up? Probably until Part 2 of this episode.

Jenna is still living with the Bhandari’s and thinks that getting back into music will help her get over the break up with KC. Unfortunately, she can’t find her song book and thinks she left it at KC’s place. Rather than ask for it back, Jenna is still hoping she can avoid him until the end of time instead of being reminded that she’s a horrible person for giving up their baby. I think she’s great. Just saying.

Jenna and KC are the first ones to class and KC brought her song book.

He also brings some of Ty’s baby things and pictures of them all together. Is he trying to make her feel guilty or remind her that he misses her? I’m so confused right now!

Jenna is crying over the photos of Ty and Alli finds her in the hallway. Alli thinks that Jenna will be in a better mood if she signs up to perform at the open mic night. Losing that vest may also help. Just sayin.

Jenna is trying to work on her songs, but it’s hard to hear herself over Jake’s hammering. Jake asks her to play something less shiny to reflect his down mood after breaking up with Clare and Jenna is inspired to write something new.

Is there something going on here? If Jake and Jenna become a couple what will we call them? Jake? Jenna? So creative.

Jenna begins looking at Ty’s old baby things and is finally inspired to write something true.

Tristan and Tori have their own vlog where they recap a show called The West Drive Experience. They have a huge following, but Tori bails on finishing the recap to watch Zig skateboard.

Tristan decides to go to his brother Owen for advice on how to break up Tori and Zig so that he won’t keep losing his bestie. This scene is amazing.

Horribly embarrassed by his younger brother, Owen tells Tristan to beat it before someone sees them talking. Doesn’t he think anyone will notice they have the same last name?

Tristan puts his break up plan into motion and tells Tori he overheard Zig telling his friends that he likes that Tori is curvy.

Tori jumps from curvy to fat and starts to freak out that Zig hates her and is going to break up with her. Upset that his bestie is crying, Tristan admits that he was lying. This doesn’t look good for the followers of The West Drive Experience Vlog.

Zig and Tori both get an anonymous message asking to meet them at The dot. It was Tristan who sent the letter. Or someone in a trench and fedora who looks like Tristan. Fierce.

He apologizes to the couple and asks if they will hang out with him and perform at the open mic.

Tori says yes and gives this reaction!

Zig’s says yes and gives this reaction. No exclamation mark necessary.

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