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Degrassi Ep. 37: Not Ready To Make Nice Part 2

March 23rd, 2012

Clare’s living situation gets even more dangers, Fiona’s plan backfires and Mo and Connor find a common ground on the football field. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Clare thanks Summer for letting her crash at her place, but says that she can’t stay there anymore without telling her mom. Clare says she’ll try to fit in at home and Summer tells Clare that she shouldn’t live with all the negative energy around her.

Instead, Clare should lie to her mom about where she’s staying and keep living at Summer and Cash’s house. My sketchiness pad is full. I’m gonna need a new one.

Jake tells Clare that her mom spent all last night crying after Clare left and she agrees to go home at lunch at talk to her mom.

Clare goes home to apologize to her mom for hurting her by leaving for the night and her mom apologizes for being insensitive. Clare’s mom says she’ll get used to the idea of Clare living with her dad and says that she thinks it will be best. Roh row. Back to the cult.

While having dinner at Summer and Cash’s house, Summer tells Clare that they have a share circle at dinner and it’s Clare’s turn to tell everyone about herself.

Clare talks about her parents separating and how it shook all her beliefs and left her feeling lost and alone. After sharing a deeply personal and painful secret, Summer and Cash jump up from the table and announce it’s time to work.

And by house work she means sorting weed. Wait, what? Cash and Summer have a grow op in the house! It’s a weed cult!

Clare is freaked at first, but Summer quickly convinces her that what they’re doing isn’t hurting anyone and allows them to house and feed teen runaways.

The next day, Jake waits for Clare outside her locker since she isn’t responding to any of his texts (RIP iPhone). Clare’s dad called that morning and said that he hadn’t heard from Clare, but Jake covered for her and didn’t tell Clare’s mom.

Clare admits that she’s staying with Summer and Cash downtown at their house. Jake tells Clare that he’ll stop hanging out with Jenna and move out if that makes Clare feel better. Clare agrees to give Jake the address to Summer and Cash’s house, but Jake says he can’t keep something like this a secret. I hope he doesn’t!

Clare comes home to find Summer packing up the grow op AND on the cell phone. Doesn’t she know those are only allowed in past lives? Summer says that they have to leave immediately because the police are watching the house.

Before Clare can ask anymore questions, Cash bursts in the back door with Jake after finding him watching the house. Jake tries to explain he doesn’t want the drugs, just Clare, but he’s interrupted by the drug squad. How rude.

The police bust Summer and Cash, but thankfully they don’t hold Jake and Clare.

They’ve been watching the house for a month and know that Summer and Cash were recruiting teen runaways to help them with their drug operation.

Jake and Clare go home and Clare tells her mom she wants to move back in. Clare’s mom is happy to have her back and she and Jake decide to not tell her about the whole drug bust thing. No biggie.

Clare admits that she was so worried about losing a boyfriend that she never thought about how great it would be to gain a brother. Aw. I still don’t think he should bring Jenna around.

After her Dot date with Eli went so well, Fiona tells Imogen that she talked to Eli about her and he wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Imogen is surprised that Fiona would try to play matchmaker, but doesn’t read too far into her friend’s intentions.

Imogen goes to Fiona’s loft after school to work on the model house, but instead she’s bombarded with Eli in a suit and a romantic picnic.

Confused about what’s going on, Eli apologizes to Imogen and leaves, upset with Fiona for not telling Imogen he would be there.

Imogen storms out after Eli, upset that Fiona is keeping things from her.

Fiona and Imogen present their house the next day (A++) and Fiona apologizes for pushing Imogen and Eli together.

Imogen thinks that Fiona is trying to get rid of her, so Fiona promises that’s not what she’s trying to do and Imogen accepts her apology. Besties!

It looks like Fiona’s meddling worked! Imogen and Eli announce they are going on a date and it’s all thanks to Fiona trying to bring them together. Fiona begins to cry, but quickly pretends they’re happy tears. Your mother and I warned you about this, Fiona.

KC finds Connor in the computer lab logged into Facerange as ‘Teresa’, a pretty brunette girl who has started chatting with Mo. Connor thinks this will be the perfect prank to get back at Mo for being a jerk to him during football practice. KC doesn’t think Mo will fall for a fake online girl.

KC is wrong.

‘Teresa’ invites Mo to The Dot the next day after school as a way to get Mo out of the season opening game. KC is worried this prank is turning into revenge. Mo tells the team that he has to miss the game for a ‘thing’ and Owen tells Mo that if he doesn’t show up to the game then he’ll sit on the bench all year.

Connor starts to feel guilty and is about to tell Mo the truth, but Mo makes fun of him again and Connor decides to keep quiet.

Degrassi is losing the game and Connor tells Owen that Mo is missing because of a girl. Owen laughs at Mo and Connor is confused, thinking Owen and Mo are friends. Owen explains that Mo is the team’s punching bag and Connor realizes that Mo is just as insecure as Connor.

Mo shows up to the game and Owen puts him in, hoping they won’t lose their first game. Don’t they have a coach? Mo talks to Connor on the bench about being upset and Connor admits that it was him posing as Teresa.

Connor points out that he and Mo are both losers so they should be loser friends. I wonder if they make bracelets for that.

Connor thinks that the best way for the team to stop making fun of them is to win the game. But how? Connor suggests that Mo use his humour and Mo gets inspired. He pretends to pick a fight with Connor right before the snap and Connor plays along.

They distract the other team and manage to get the ball and score a touchdown! Then they drop to their knees and Tebow.

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