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Degrassi Ep. 38: Need You Now Part 1

March 30th, 2012

Eli tries to prove he’s ready for another girlfriend, KC wants to be involved in his son Ty’s life and Tori makes a choice between Zig and Power Squad. Find out what happened on this week’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Imogen is hanging out in Eli’s bedroom, but instead of having a fun game of ‘name that Emo band’, Eli is fast asleep as a result of his bipolar meds. Imogen is making use of her time by taking pictures of Eli, when he finally wakes up.

Eli invites Imogen to spend the night and while she’s surprised at first, she agrees to tell her parents she’s staying at Fiona’s.

Plans change when Bullfrog barges in and demands to know whether Eli has taken his medication. Bullfrog makes a point of saying that it’s late, indicating to Imogen that she should leave and she does, much to Eli’s anger and embarrassment.

On the way to school the next morning, Bullfrog tells Eli that he doesn’t think that Eli should be dating after last year’s car crash ending to his relationship with Clare ended.

Eli disagrees, telling his dad that just because he’s bipolar doesn’t mean he can be bossed around.

In class, Eli fills Fiona in on his date with Imogen and admits that he was upset his dad embarrassed him. Eli wants to find Imogen right away and apologize, but Fiona convinces him to wait until after class.

Eli finds Imogen taking pictures and he kisses her, but Imogen stops them since the whole school is watching. Instead, she invites him to meet her in the art room in ten minutes.

This is possibly the most making out I’ve ever seen on Degrassi. When Eli comes up for air, Imogen shows Eli her Grade 12 art project, which is a picture of him as the face of mental illness.

Upset that she’s already showed it to her class, Eli turns to leave and knocks over Imogen’s camera. He apologizes and when Imogen tells him to find his happy place he screams at her, scaring Imogen and I think himself.

Fiona finds Eli in the gym on the treadmill and yells at him for freaking out on Imogen. Fiona admits that she wouldn’t want a picture of herself with the words alcoholic on them, but that Eli should have just talked to Imogen and explained why he was upset. Fiona points out that if Eli can’t make a relationship work with Eli then he may not be able to make a relationship work with anyone.

Eli apologizes to Imogen and tells her that he doesn’t want special treatment and just wants to be her boyfriend. Eli gives Imogen a new camera and though she declines his offer to hang out, she lets him walk her home.

Adam and Eli are playing Atari and Bullfrog walks into Eli’s room demanding to know where his guitar went. When his dad leaves the room, Eli admits that he sold his dad’s guitar to buy a camera for Imogen.

Adam and Eli head to Imogen’s house to tell her the truth about where the money for new guitar came from, but Imogen’s dad tells Eli she’s out with a friend when she told Eli she would be home studying.

Eli won’t stop calling Imogen and Adam tries to get Eli to calm down, but Eli gets increasingly upset and worried that something is wrong with Imogen. When Adam leaves, Eli continues to call Imogen and finally smashes his phone on his door in a rage.

While looking for a permission slip, KC finds a letter from the Powell’s, Ty’s adoptive parents. KC’s mom opened the letter and found an invite to Ty’s christening. She didn’t tell KC, worried that it was too soon for him to see Ty, but KC thinks he needs to tell Jenna about the christening.

KC sees Jenna with Jake after class and gives her the invite to Ty’s christening.

Riiiight about then Jake excuses himself. Good call. Jenna lies and says she has plans to go to the mall with Jake, but KC doesn’t want to go on his own.

KC decides going alone is better than nothing. He doesn’t get to the Powells’ house in time for the christening, but he still gets to see Ty. He tries holding him, but Ty starts crying and the Powells suggest they go for a walk.

After their walk, the Powells tell KC that Ty is now Doug and KC handles the news really well. He invites himself in to help with putting Ty to bed, but they decline his offer.

On his way home, KC stops by the library to get books on raising a toddler. KC tells him mom he needs to get reading if he wants to spend time with Ty. KC is convinced that Ty wants him in his life, but KC’s mom is worried. KC thinks he can babysit for the Powells, so his mom tries to be supportive.

Tori is trying out for the power squad and even though they’re only taking one person, Tristan is sure it will be Tori. Unfortunately, Marisol chooses another student.

Tori tells Zig and Maya that she didn’t make the power squad because Marisol says that grade nines are unreliable. Tori thought power squad would be her ‘thing’ and now she needs ‘thing’. Zig suggests that her new thing be videotaping a skateboarding video for a competition he wants to enter. I don’t think there’s a uniform for that.

Marisol finds Tori and tells her that another girl broke her ankle and now she’s on the squad. Practice starts at 4, giving Tori an hour to videotape Zig.

Tori videotapes Zig, but has to leave before Zig gets a good landing.

Zig tells Tori he can just find Maya to finish the video and rather than have a girl she knows has a crush on her boyfriend help, Tori stays and misses the start of power squad practice.

Tori joins practice late and messes up every step of the routine.

Marisol clears the floor and makes Tori do the routine by herself. When Tori admits she doesn’t know the steps, Marisol makes Tori the mascot. At least it’s a uniform?

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