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Degrassi Ep. 38: Runaway Love

March 11th, 2011

Clare gets closer to Fitz, Eli gets closer to the edge, Alli goes missing and Jenna and KC try their hand at parenthood. Find out what went down on tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi!

*Spoiler! This recap includes mayjah spoilers. If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read last week’s recaps here!

After agreeing to babysit their prenatal coach’s six-year-old on last weeks episode, it’s time for Jenna and KC to make good on their promise. Blair (coach) has very, very, very strict instructions for babysitting her little dude Caleb.

Jenna and KC try to entertain the little monster kid by playing him a song, but he starts to freak out and can’t be calmed.

KC decides that it’s time to forget mom’s order and please the little screamer with a hot dog. Hallelujah, it works!

KC and Jenna coach the little dude to keep the hot dog a secret, but he tells his mom as soon as she picks him up. That’s the last hot dog you’ll get! Blair proceeds to freak out on the teens, who thankfully, realize she’s nutty.

After Alli and Sav’s big blowout last week over Sav letting Drew drum for him, Alli won’t come down in the morning when her parents call her for breakfast. The Bhandari’s quickly realize she isn’t ignoring them – she’s gone! Sav assumes it’s just Alli being dramatic and isn’t worried about his little sister’s sudden absence.

Still, at school Sav can’t seem to concentrate. Even Holly J’s talk of bikini’s and lesbians can’t get his attention. He must be really worried!

Mrs. Bhandari is getting increasingly worried and asks Sav to hack into Alli’s computer and try to find some clues as to where she’s gone. Sav finds a journal entry that Alli wrote. She is more upset than anyone in the family realized and said that she thinks they’d be better off without her. Okay, time to get really, really worried.

Sav and Mr. Bhandari try driving around the city in hopes of finding Alli. Mr. Bhandari tells Sav that Alli will be in big trouble when she gets home and Sav points out that her getting in trouble and not being heard is the reason she’s run away. Go Sav!

Alli’s been missing long enough that the police are now involved. The police officer on the case comes by the house. She has surveillance footage from a coffee shop near Alli’s new school. The tape shows Alli getting in a car with someone, but no one can make out the license plate or who is behind the wheel. Ok, now it’s time to get really, really, really worried. Clare still can’t drive, so who else would pick Alli up?

Things are weird between Clare and Eli after Eli finds out Clare was talking to Fitz, but they make up. Eli is excited that Clare is helping him with his story Stalker Angel. Catchy title. Not creepy at all.

Things are all bettah in EClare land, until Clare checks her email. It seems that Fitz is working on increasing his typing skills and has sent a bazillion emails to Clare, mostly about God, but also about Eli. For some people they’re the same person.

Clare decides to confront Fitz at The Dot and tell him to back the ish off with all the emails.

Fitz tells Clare that he’s worried about Eli. Um, cuz you’re besties? Whah?

Clare makes it clear that Fitz should only about Eli if he keeps bothering her.

Clare is home that night when a big storm hits and blows a surprise visitor to her door.

Fitz shows up with a scratch on his face and tells Clare that he fell off his bike. She agrees to let him stay until the storm finishes. Clare offers to throw Fitz’s soaking wet hoody into the dryer, but when he lifts his shirt Clare sees that Fitz has been beaten. She demands to know what happened and Fitz tells her that his step-brother is on drugs and has been beating him up.

Fitz also tells Clare that she’s the reason he was able to make it through Juvie. He tells Clare that she should be with him and not Eli, because Eli is stubborn and will never change. I loves me some Eli, but the boy has a point.

Eli shows up at Clare’s and finds her with Fitz. Clare tries to explain that Fitz is in trouble and accuses Eli of being heartless for not caring. Again, has a point. Eli runs out of the house and Clare tells Fitz to get Father Greg to pick him up. After Fitz leaves Clare tries to talk to Eli.

Eli is crying and tells Clare that he feels like she’s slipping away. He makes her promise to never leave him and she does. I feel like this promise is going to be put to the test if Eli keeps heading this way.

At school the next day Eli is excited to tell Clare that he’s feeling much better and is full of nothing but lurve for his lady.

He also tells Clare that he changed the ending to Stalker Angel. Now, the hero (Eli) kills the heroine (Clare) and drinks her blood so that they can be together forever.

Clare, like myself, is officially freaked right out.

Will Alli be ok? Will Jenna and KC be able to handle a kid of their own? Will Fitz change Eli’s perception of him? Will Clare take Fitz up on his offer to be with him? Will Eli stop acting nutters? Find out on an all-new episode of Degrassi next Friday at 9pm ET exclusively on MuchMusic!

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