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Degrassi Ep. 39: Need You Now Part 2

April 6th, 2012

Eli pushes his relationship with Imogen to the breaking point, KC tries to reconnect his family and Tori takes a stand with Zig. Find out what happened on this week’s brand new episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Imogen never returned Eli’s call and now he feels like he’s being shunned. Adam thinks Eli should try to play it cool and assess the situation.

When Eli asks Imgoen what she was up to the night before she lies and says she stayed home. Eli tells Imogen he stopped by, and she tries to cover by saying she was walking her dog. Unfortunately for Imogen, her dog was home when Eli stopped by the night before.

Adam tells Eli to keep calm and just wait things out, but I think a smashed phone is enough proof to know that staying calm still isn’t Eli’s strong suit.

Eli finds pictures of Fiona on the camera he gave Imogen and then asks her about hanging out with Jake, who she walked to class with that day. Imogen wants to have a ‘talk’ with Eli, but he thinks things are great.

Eli gets his dad’s guitar back from the pawn shop and Adam is ready for them to celebrate with a night of Wii boxing. But Eli can’t stop obsessing over the thought of Imogen cheating on him with Jake.

Adam tells Eli that Imogen will know that he’s jealous if he shows up Fiona’s front door, so Eli comes up with the great idea to sneak up Fiona’s fire escape. That’s one good way to get arrested.

Inside, Imogen is complaining to Fiona about Eli’s behaviour and Fiona tells her to give him a second chance.

The girls hear Eli sneaking in and thinking he’s a robber they arm themselves with sharp, heavy objects.

Imogen’s relief that the robbers are just Adam and Eli turns to anger very quickly.

Eli tries to get Adam to tell Imogen he’s fine, but Adam can’t say that. Eli storms off and tells them all to go to hell.

Bullfrog finds Eli throwing out everything in his room that reminds him of Imogen. Eli finally calms down, but he’s confused because he’s done everything the doctors told him to do and he’s still feeling out of control.

Eli sees his therapist Dr. Frank and she points out that Eli realizing he was out of control is a big step. Instead of pinning his jealously over Imogen on Eli’s bi-polar disorder, she chalks his behaviour up to teenage hormones.

Eli and Imogen meet later at The Dot and decide that they aren’t good together.

Eli wants to still be friends, but Imogen isn’t sure she’s ready for that. She also withdrew her art piece on Eli from the arts competition, so he asks to keep it for himself.

Later that week, Eli gets back into his healthy habits and returns home from a run to find Imogen waiting for him.

Imogen has been shortlisted to win an art competition and knows that it was because Eli entered her work. Thankfully, they’re back to being friends. Not friends that see each other naked either, just friends.

At school, KC tells Connor about Ty’s christening and talks loud enough for Jenna to hear.

She tells him to be quiet and he accuses her of being selfish. KC tries to convince Jenna that they need to be there for Ty, but she yells at KC and says they’re not his parents anymore.

KC shows up at the Powells house unexpectedly and offers to join them for the day. The Powells decline his offer and look really, really uncomfortable.

Poor KC.

At home, KC tells his mom they need to get a lawyer so that he can see Ty more often. KC feels like Jenna sees KC as a loser and is worried that Ty will see him the same way.

In class the next day, KC apologizes to Jenna for making her feel bad about giving Ty away. KC admits that its been difficult to move on and Jenna says that she feels the same.

Right when he needed it the most, KC’s teacher pulls him aside and tells him that he was the only person in his class to complete his assignment correctly. She suggest that KC join the Science Olympics and he passes the try out with flying colours. Flying neutrons. Do neutrons fly? I obviously wasn’t on the science team.

Zig is super supportive of Tori as the mascot and doesn’t make fun of her at all. Not!

Marisol is going to make Tori be mascot until they can find a replacement for her. Zig tells Tori she should just quit, but Tori suggest that Zig stay by her side to make her feel better. Instead, Zig is going to skateboard with the guys at lunch.

Maya talks to Tori about being the mascot and Tori says that it’s worth being mascot because she would do anything for Zig, including taping his skateboarding video and being late to power squad.

Maya points out that Zig would rather skateboard than support Tori, but Tori refuses to see things that way. Maybe she needs bigger eyeholes in that panther head.

In class, Tori calls Zig out on never doing anything for her and he agrees to go to the football game, but by that time it’s too late and she’s not interested anymore. Finally!

Right before the power squad is ready to leave for the game Tori finds Marisol, frantic that the mascot costume is missing.

Marisol tells Tori that ‘some niner’ volunteered to wear the mascot costume so that Tori can be a ‘real’ member of the squad. That niner turns out the be Zig.

While Tori appreciates the effort, she tells Zig that this doesn’t forgive all the times he’s made her do things he likes and not returned the effort. Someone finally grew a backbone.

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