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Degrassi Ep. 40: Smash Into You Part 1

April 13th, 2012

Dave’s past comes back to haunt him, Adam has a secret admirer and Marisol is teamed up with an unwilling partner for Model UN. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi under the jump!

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Katie is in the hospital ready to have surgery on her knee and Marisol stops by to wish her good luck. Marisol wants to start prepping for model UN with Katie, but she’ll still be in the hospital and instead suggests that Marisol tried to find a cute, single guy to work with her.

Marisol’s new partner is assigned to her and it’s Mo. Neither of them are jumping out of their seats with joy.

Rather than work together on their project, Marisol suggests they go solo and put their ideas together the next day during practice.

When Mo makes fun of Marisol’s idea in Model UN, the two go from mild dislike to loathing. Instead of trying to work things out, Mo puts his gum in Marisol’s hair when she’s not looking. Ew.

Marisol and Drew stop in to visit Katie before her surgery, but the topic quickly turns from knees to Marisol’s hatred for Mo. Katie and Drew think she should give him a chance and that the gum-in-hair trick is a clear sign that Mo is interested. But Marisol won’t date someone that is heavy, even though Drew points out all of Mo’s good qualities.

It’s a Torres singalong to Summer of 69 while Dave texts up a storm to Alli. While he’s driving. Bieber told us about this. Dave almost hits Alli with his car while he’s busy texting and driving and for some craaaazy reason she doesn’t go running into his arms. Drew and Adam suggest that Dave give up on Alli, but he’s determined to make them a couple again.

In an attempt to woo Alli, Dave decides that he should volunteer for Model UN, which Alli is in charge of organizing. Dave arrives to the meeting late and knocks over about five signs on his way in.

Alli doesn’t think Dave should be allowed to sign up since he’s only interested in learning about her, but they need more people and she can’t say no. Dave tries asking Alli out to lunch, but she won’t even talk to him. Dave gets an idea that he needs to do something amazing to show Alli that he’s serious about being with her again.

Alli finds the gym ready for Model UN and Dave standing in the middle of the room smiling. Alli appreciates the effort, but tells him that she’s still not interested. Dave asks Alli whether she’s ever done anything she regretted and she admits that they had a good thing once. She agrees to talk. It’s a step! Take it and run with it, Dave!

This is them talking.

During their make-out session, Dave gets a text from Jacinta, asking whether he’s forgotten her. Dave pretends it’s Adam and throws his phone in the backseat. I’m assuming that Jacinta is the girl he hooked up with in the summer. She’s cute!

But before Dave can move forward with Alli, he still has his past pulling him back. Dave tells Drew about Jacinta, the girl he hooked up with during the summer while he and Alli were on a break, and says that not only is she hot, but she’s crazy.

I don’t think expecting someone you slept with to call you is crazy, but Dave decides that he needs to do something drastic and block her on all forms of social media.

Jacinta notices right way that Dave has blocked her and calls him repeatedly. Dave picks up the phone and is super harsh, telling her to never, ever contact him again. Maybe something along the lines of, “I have a new girlfriend, I think it’s best if we stop talking, but I really enjoyed my time with you” could have worked as well. Just a thought.

Alli confides in Jenna that kissing Dave may have been a huge mistake. She still doesn’t trust him and isn’t sure that she can date him again after finding out about his fling this past summer.

Alli makes a list of demands that she wants met if she’s to consider getting them getting back together.

Dave agrees to do whatever it takes to be with Alli, and that includes hiring a mariachi band to woo Alli during their date in Little Miss Steaks. I expected more of a country vibe from that place.

Dave is helping Alli welcome all the other schools that traveled to Degrassi to take part in the Model UN tournament and that’s when he and Drew spot Jacinta. I spot the two hot guys behind her. Get those students transfer papers for Degrassi asap!

Jacinta zeros in on Dave and tells him that he can’t avoid her. Alli runs up to introduce herself, not
realizing that Jacinta is the girl Dave slept with.

Coming up with ideas on how to eradicate famine in another country seem less daunting than getting out of this situation at the moment.

Clare and Adam are sharing their creative writing stories and Adam finds a note from a secret admirer in his bag. He rips it up without reading the whole thing, assuming that it’s someone playing a practical joke on him. Adam wants to concentrate on skateboarding instead of dating until he has his sex reassignment surgery.

Adam joins the rest of the skateboarders after school and is approached by Tori, who tells him that she’s working on a survey for school.

Tori begins asking him questions about whether he’s single and who he would want to date. What class is this for again? Adam asks Tori if she sent him a note and she quickly wraps up the survey and runs off.

Clare finds Adam in the hall later that day watching his locker. Adam received a second note from his secret admirer, this time in his locker, and wants to keep watch in case his admirer drops off another letter.

The two spot Tori slipping a letter into Adam’s locker and he runs up to the grade nine student and confronts her. Tori admits that all the letters have been from her, but she’s just the delivery girl. Her friend has a crush on Adam and Tori suggests they all go on a double date. Reluctantly, Adam agrees. We know that Tori is friends with Maya and Tristan, meaning Adam’s admirer is likely one of the two, but which one?

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