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Degrassi Ep. 41: Don’t stand so close to me

April 1st, 2011

Fiona has her day in court with Bobby, Alli tries to get a win and Anya is faced with confronting Owen. Find out what went down on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler! This recap includes mayjah spoilers. If you missed today’s episode you can watch it here and read last week’s recaps here!

While we haven’t seen much of Owen since the Boiler Room incident, Anya feels like she has seen too much of him. She’s excited to be taking CPR in gym class so that she can work as a lifeguard this summer, but she’s not excited that Owen is in her group.

Things seem to be going okay at first, but then Owen gets way too close and starts touching Anya’s arms and face and even makes lewd comments when she’s giving the CPR dummy mouth to mouth. Apparently she’s in the group with two dummies.

Chantay encourages Anya to stick up for herself, but rather than deal with confronting Owen, Anya decides to speak with their gym teacher and ask to be switched to another group.Instead, Owen is kicked out of the class. Mad, he confronts Anya and tells her that she should have spoken to him instead of their teacher. Now he won’t be able to work as a lifeguard this summer.

Later than day Owen is waiting for Anya by her locker. He’s realized that what he was doing in gym class was wrong, but admits that he has feelings for Anya. Anya gives him a history lesson and reminds him that he tormented Riley and Zane, Anya’s two best friends. So ya, she’s not interested. I have to say it would be nice to see Owen change his ways and possibly date Anya. That’s a couple I could get behind. Owya. Anen. I’ll work on names.

Alli is back in her purple shirt and ready to start fresh at Degrassi. She wants to do things right this time, and ace’ing the grade 10 math standardized test is the best way to do it.

Ms. Oh is giving Alli a lot of encouragement to study for the test…like, a lot. She lets it slip to Alli that if students do poorly the teacher’s and principal could lose their job.

Alli decides to make the math test her mission and gets Clare involved. Alli wants to help the rest of the grade 10’s, but doesn’t know how.

Annnnd here’s Ms. Oh again. Does she even teach math? Ms. Oh tells Alli and Clare that she has sent them an email listing the grade 10’s with the lowest math scores who would benefit from their help.

Sorry, I should have said the grade 10’s and one grade 11. Dang Alli, first day back at Degrassi and you’re already dealing with with Drew drama! Stay away from this one Alli, stay far, far, faaaar away. Also, anyone else finding it kinda shady that Ms. Oh is sending emails to Alli and telling her to delete all the evidence?

Fiona has completed her 28 days of inpatient care in rehab and is feeling better than ever!

Of course Holly J and Mrs. Coyne are there to support her (where Declan at?), but Mrs. Coyne has some business to discuss with Fiona.

Her trial against Bobby is in a few days and his legal team is offering the Coynes $100,000 to settle outside of court. Mrs. Coyne wants Fiona to take the deal because she is scared that the pressure of the trial will cause Fiona to relapse.

Fiona refuses, and the next day at school she watches a video of Bobby and his new girlfriend Tinsley together to prep herself for seeing him again. Holly J talks to Fiona about the trial and encourages Fiona that she is making the right decision.

While the girls are talking Adam walks by. Fiona still hasn’t spoken to him since the night of the intervention and is worried that he is blaming himself for her drinking.

Mrs. Coyne is still trying to get Fiona to take the plea deal, and with Declan away on a school trip (booooo) and Mr. Coyne away on business it will just be the two of them in court. Unless Holly J comes!

The three women get to New York, ready to battle Bobby.

Bobby rolls in with his parents and lawyer and Tinsley.

Fiona is first up.

Bobby’s lawyer brings up Fiona’s drinking and unstable tendencies in the past and even asks Fiona whether she’s ever had a successful relationship.

When it’s Bobby’s turn he tells the court that Fiona was a fragile flower that he was trying to protect. And the Oscar goes to…Bobby! Ugh.

They break for lunch and Fiona is regretting her decision to not take the deal. Her mom goes back to court and Holly J excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Alone, Fiona sees wine on the table next to them, but fights the urge to return to her old ways. Go Fiona!

Will Holly J’s support, Fiona returns for the second half of court.

This time, it’s Tinsley’s turn to speak. When Bobby’s lawyer asks whether Bobby has even been physical with her, Tinsely pauses. Whaaa? Fiona’s lawyer cross-examines and asks Tinsley again whether Bobby has hurt her. Tinsely admits that Bobby has slapped her before. Go Tinsley!

With Tinsely’s testimony the judge rules in favour of Fiona, forcing Bobby to pay her $250,000 and take anger management classes. Yay Fiona!

So excited with the outcome, Fiona kisses Holly J! Like, kisses! Um, what just happened?

Will this be the only kiss Fiona and Holly J share? Will Alli be able to stay on the good side of Principle Simpson? Will Anya change her mind about Owen? Find out on next Friday’s brand new episode of Degrassi at 9 pm ET, exclusively on MuchMusic!

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