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Degrassi Ep. 41: Smash Into You Part 2

April 20th, 2012

Dave’s callous treatment of Jacinta comes back to haunt them both, Adam’s blind date gives both parties a surprise and Marisol and Mo find a common ground in their relationship. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi after the jump!

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Dave can’t seem to untangle himself from his ex Jacinta and before he can try to gain some distance, Jacinta is by his side with Alli.

Dave introduces Alli as his new girlfriend and Jacinta tells Alli that she and Dave dated during the summer. Dave asks Alli to trust him, but she walks away before Dave can spit out anymore lies.

Dave tells Alli that Jacinta is stalking him and admits that Jacinta is the girl he slept with over the summer. Alli thinks Jacinta still likes Dave (YUP!) and feels like her big day is now ruined.

Dave finds Jacinta getting ready for Model UN and apologizes. Making her think he wants to get back together, Dave asks Jacinta to meet him outside the school later.

Dave and Jacinta are in Dave’s car when he admits that he doesn’t want to hook up, he just wants to drop her off at the train station so that she can leave him and Alli alone. Jacinta begins to cry and tells Dave that he hurt her feelings. At a red light, Jacinta grabs Dave’s phone and jumps out of the car, threatening to text Alli and tell her that Jacinta and Dave are hooking up.

It’s time for the Model UN to start and half of France is missing, ie. Dave. Alli also realizes that Jacinta is missing. Alli finds her phone and sees that Dave has texted her to say that he’s getting back together with Jacinta. I guess Jacinta made good on her threat to Dave. Dave parks his car and finds Jacinta texting and crying and threatens to smash his phone. Dave tells Jacinta that he’s sorry and that Alli didn’t do anything to Jacinta, so she should only punish him. Distraught, Jacinta tells Dave that he ruined her life and begins to text Alli again.

But this time Jacinta walks into the street, texting with her head down and gets hit by a car!


The paramedics arrive on scene and take Jacinta to the hospital. Dave’s dad arrives, relieved to see that his son is physically okay. Mentally, Dave is a wreck.

It’s the end of Model UN day for Alli and she waits outside of Degrassi for Dave, ready to scream at him for leaving her again. Instead, seeing that Dave is distraught, Alli lets him speak first and finds out about the accident.

The doctors told Dave that Jacinta is in surgery and may never walk again. Finally realizing that he should have never been so mean to Jacinta, Dave doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to recover from ruining her life.

Adam wants to back out of the blind date, but Clare encourages him to find out who the girl is and be open to the possibility of meeting someone new.

Adam finds Tori at The Dot and Zig and Tristan walk in.

Tristan is Adam’s date. Uh oh. A boy. Uh uh oh. Tori saw the rainbow button on Adam’s bag and assumed he was gay, not realizing he was the T for transgender in LGBT. Embarrassed, Tristan takes off with Tori running after him.

Looking for some sympathy, Adam complains to Clare about his disaster date and Clare sees the huge silver lining – they thought Adam was a gay guy, emphasis on the ‘guy’ party.

Adam is excited that he’s finally passing for a guy, but then remembers that Tristan is probably upset at home. Having been in a similar situation, Adam sets out to find Tristan.

Adam finds Tristan at The Dot and offers some advice on navigating the waters of high school while gay.

Tristan also makes the connection that it was his brother, Owen, who shoved Adam into a door. Maybe they can be friends?

Mo confesses to Marisol that he put gum in her hair the night before and she seems really understanding about it. Weird. When Mo takes off to practice for Model UN, Marisol complains to Drew that she thinks Mo is in love with her and worries that people will think they’re together. Drew, as usual, encourages Marisol to get over herself.

Marisol finds Mo in the computer lab and he tries to apologize for making fun of her benefit concert idea by writing a song they can use to save the day.

Marisol loves the song and they end up getting along. Could a Mo-mance be on the horizon after all?

During the Model UN debate, Marisol tells Mo that she likes him too, even though she was embarrassed at first. Mo tells Marisol that he doesn’t have a crush on her and that he was just being nice and polite. Hurt and embarrassed, Marisol runs out of Model UN.

Marisol and Katie are on the phone when Mo knocks on the door.

Mo admits that he never had a crush on Marisol because he never thought he had a chance. Marisol tells him that he’s not out of her league and…kisses him! Mo-mance is on!

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