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Degrassi Ep. 42: Hollaback Girl Pt. 1

April 27th, 2012

Bianca tries to make a new friend in Katie, Alli wants to save Dave from rumours about Jacinta’s accident and Mo tries to make his relationship with Marisol official. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

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As a part of Bianca’s probation she has random check-ins with her social worker. If she violates these any of the terms agreed to she will face charges stemming from her involvement with Vince. That guy was the worst.

Bianca’s grades are up and Mr. Simpson encourages her to take a serious look at applying to University.

Drew offers Katie help with Bianca’s University applications and Bianca accepts the offer. I’m pretty sure Katie agreed just so that she can watch Bianca and make sure she stays away from Drew.

Katie asks Bianca a few questions to find out what she should major in and the two start to joke about Bianca’s not so flawless past. They. Get. Along. Weird. Katie begins asking Bianca about how she found drugs to sell and Bianca explains the drug connection chain. Katie suggests that they hang out more and even have out together at a club for girls night. Clubs? Drugs? I don’t think Katie is looking for a friend as much as a connection.

Confused by Katie’s sudden personality change, Bianca asks Drew about Katie and whether they should really be friends since they both dated Drew. With the depression she’s been in from her surgery, Drew is happy that Katie wants to have fun.

At the club with their fake IDs, Bianca tries to get Katie to loosen up her attitude and clothing.

But when Bianca comes back from the bathroom she finds Katie talking to one of her old drug dealer connections.

Katie buys Oxycotin from the dealer and offers one to Bianca. Katie says that her doctor wants to take her off the drug, but Katie is still in too much pain. The two pinkie-swear to secrecy, which I assume is how most drug deals end.

Bianca loses Katie again and finds her dancing with the drug dealer, barely able to stand.

Bianca needs to get home before her court ordered probation starts and realizes that Katie wanted to hang out with her to get drugs, not because she actually likes Bianca. Sad face.

Bianca manages to drag Katie home and Katie starts rambling about Bianca wanting to steal Drew from her. Bianca tells Katie she just wanted a friend and Katie laughs at her, waking up Maya.

Bianca tells Maya that her sister is high and that she better get their parents and then leaves. Double sad face for Bee.

Bianca goes straight to Drew’s house and finds him working on his fitness.

Bianca tells Drew that Katie has a problem and Drew asks whether he should break up with her. Bianca can’t answer that since she still wants to be with Drew, so Drew answers for her by kissing her. WOWZER! I like these two together, but Drew needs to end his cheating history and break up with Katie if he’s gonna be using those lips all over the place.

Mo is ready to lay on the PDA with Marisol, but she’s not as thrilled to flaunt their new love, reminding Mo that they’re not official-official.

Mo confides in Jake about Marisol’s ‘official’ comment and admits that they’ve never gone on a real date. Jake suggests that Mo take Marisol out and make it official.

Mo takes Marisol to The Dot for their date, but Marisol thinks they’re at such a casual place so that they can plan their first date. She’s gonna be high maintenance. Not overly surprising.

Put on the spot, Mo sees an ad for the Edge Walk around the CN Tower and suggests they do that and then go for dinner at the CN Tower. This just turned into a really expensive and really terrifying first date.

During class, Dave checks in with his dad, who says that Jacinta’s latest surgery has gone well. Dave tells Alli that he’s going to go visit Jacinta while she’s in the hospital and Alli offers to watch an action movie with Dave at her house to keep him from visiting Jacinta.

Alli complains to Jenna about Dave visiting Jacinta and Jenna points out the obvious, that Dave is trying to be nice to the girl who may never walk again.

Jenna and Alli go online to do some research on Jacinta and find a Get Well Soon site for her. But when they begin to read some of the messages they find that a lot of people are calling for Dave’s arrest, thinking that he pushed Jacinta in front of the car. Knowing it would devastate Dave, Alli wants to find a way to keep Dave from seeing the site.

Alli begins to reply to each message and Jenna tries to talk her out of venting at strangers.

When Dave arrives at Alli’s place they have a nice night in front of the TV, but when the movie ends, Alli again tries talking to Dave about Jacinta.

She comes clean about the Facerange page, but Dave doesn’t care what people are saying. He already thinks it’s his fault that Jacinta was hurt and doesn’t need a Facerange page to tell him to feel guilty. Poor Dave. Poor Jacinta. Alli is fine.

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