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Degrassi Ep. 42: If you’re a bird, I’m a bird

April 8th, 2011

Fiona chooses between Adam and Holly J, Alli makes her mark at Degrassi once again and Anya reconsiders Owen’s proposal. Find out what went down on the all new episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler! This recap includes mayjah spoilers. If you missed today’s episode you can watch it here and read last week’s recaps here!

Fiona is getting ready to fly to Europe for a fashion show with the money she won from Bobby and of course she’s taking her bestie, Holly J. The girls are getting ready at Fiona’s house and are dressed in their best to sit in the front row of the Karl Lagerfeld show.

Before leaving, the girls tell each other how much they love one another and right before they share another kiss…Fiona wakes up. Wah.

So I guess the kiss Fiona planted on Holly J after the trial ended wasn’t just a fluke. Fiona has feelings for Holly J, but what does this mean exactly? At school the next day Fiona asks Holly J to hang out, but she’s busy with Sav. Holly J promises to make it up to her by having a sleepover the next night and then encourages Fiona to talk to Adam.

Fiona apologizes to Adam for being so mean to him when he brought her to the intervention. She assures him that she drank because of her own problems, which have nothing to do with him. Adam seems relieved and accepts her invitation to come over that night and watch a movie.

At Fiona’s house that night things seem to be going well. The two have picked up where they left up, which is somewhere around Make Out City. That is, until Fiona tells Adam that she likes him because being with him is like being with a boy and a girl. Roh row.

Upset and hurt, Adam yells at Fiona that he’s not a girl and not a hybrid of the two sexes. He tells her that if she wants to be with a girl then she should be with a girl. He’s got a point!

Holly J comes over the next night as promised for their sleepover. The two watch The Notebook (whoot!) and Fiona asks Holly J about love. Holly J admits that when she found out she was sick it was Declan, not Sav, that she wanted to call.

Fiona is hurt that she is in love with Holly J, but can never be with her friend, who is straight. Annnnd Holly J is also still in love with Declan, Fiona’s brother. That’s a double hands off.

Holly J goes to bed, but Fiona stays up until her mom gets home from a party. Fiona tells Mrs. Coyne that she’s in love with Holly J and doesn’t know what to do.

Mrs. Coyne is awesome and super supportive of Fiona. She tells her daughter that she loves her no matter who Fiona loves. Love is tough, but it’s easier when you’ve got great parents.

Still sad, Fiona goes to bed…next to her best friend…who she’s in love with. Ugh, that sucks!

The next day Holly J is having a session of dialysis and gets a visit from Fiona. Fiona decides it’s time to tell her friend the truth.

Thankfully, Fiona only tells Holly J that’s she gay, not that she’s also in love with Holly J. I can’t see that ending well. Of course, Holly J takes the news like a boss and as always is supportive and loving towards Fiona.

Alli is moving forward with Operation: Grade 10 Math Tests at full steam ahead. She emails the list of students who need math help that Ms. Oh gave her, telling them to meet in the caf to accept their prizes.

When they arrive (‘they’ including Drew) and find out that there are no prizes they don’t seem to want to stick around for study help. Shocker.

Alli decides to move onto Plan B and goes on the Degrassi announcements and tells the school that if the Grade 10’s do well on the Standardized Math Test they will be awarded with a dance. I’m sorry, a what?

Oh yes, a dance.

Simpson makes it a whole millisecond before hauling Alli down to his office so that he can show her his face palm in action. He no-likey this idea, but Alli promises to help everyone get their marks up.

Drew still refuses to go to the study help, since he doesn’t think there is anything in it for him. Just to recap – Drew and Bianca had sex at school, which was a part of why there are now so many rules and restrictions at Degrassi. Drew’s charming mother has been gunning for Simpson’s head, even though it was her son that acted like a tool. So ya Drew, you should put your game face on. You owe Degrassi. HUGE! Bianca wants a dance and forces Drew to go to the study session, where Alli helps him out. I’m sure that’s not awkward for anyone.

It’s test day and it seems like everyone, even Drew, is prepared and ready.

It looks like Alli’s hard work paid off, because Degrassi is up 11 points! Whatever that means! Apparently it’s good! Mr. Simpson is totally stoked, so much that even a high five fail can’t bring him down!

Drew and Bianca are excited that the dance is going to happen and thank Alli. The awkwardness just keeps a’comin!

Speaking of awkward situations, Anya has been thinking about the whole Owen-CPR thing and thinks she may have been too hard on him. She tells Chantay that she is going to try to get Owen re-admitted to the class. She might even consider actually going on a date with him.

Chantay does not agree, and expresses this in the way only Chantay and her amazing ‘Nuh-uh’ expression can.

Anya is able to get Owen back into the class and to thank her, he runs up behind her at The Dot and delivers a weird bear hug.

Apparently he didn’t get the message that it’s not cool to touch Anya. She tells him to back off and he tells her that any girl would be begging him to touch her. Anya takes a poll.

Show, I guess this means no #Ownya?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Should Anya give Owen a third chance? Should Fiona tell Holly J how she feels? Can Alli ever be friends with Drew and Bianca?

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