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Degrassi Ep. 43: Hollaback Girl Part 2

May 4th, 2012

Drew and Bianca reach an understanding in their relationship, Marisol and Mo work through their first relationship hurdle and Dave and Alli decide on the fate of their future together. Find out what happened on this week’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

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After their kiss in Drew’s basement last night, Bianca makes it very clear to Drew that she won’t be the girl who dates other girls boyfriends anymore.

Drew tells Bianca that he’s going to break up with Katie, but before they can make any wedding plans Maya runs up and tells the couple that Katie’s in the hospital after overdosing on Oxycotin.

Drew wants to check on Katie and Bianca offers to drive him. Katie’s already home and begins crying when she sees Drew, scared that she’ll hate him.

Katie tells Drew that Bianca helped her get drugs and when Bianca defends herself, Drew believes Katie instead.

At home, Bianca’s guardian is upset that she broke curfew the night before and doesn’t believe that Bianca has changed.

Bianca goes to see Mrs. Torres and thanks her for all the help she offered Bianca after the prom and shows Mrs. Torres a bracelet that she wants to make her. Bianca also says that she’ll stay away from her family, scared that someone will get hurt again because of her.

Mrs. Torres tells Bianca that she doesn’t want her to disappear and then gives her a hug. The two sit down and Bianca finally has someone to talk to and Mrs. Torres even offers to go to Bianca’s parent-teacher interview.

The next day Bianca finds Drew and Katie outside of the principal’s office. Katie’s parents want to take her out of Degrassi and send her to rehab.

When Katie breaks down, Bianca gives Katie a pep talk and reminds her that she has Drew, realizing that Katie needs him more than Bianca right now.

Drew tells Bianca that he loves her and wants to be with her, but Bianca tells Drew that they can’t be together right now. Still, Mrs. Torres invites Bianca to spend time with the family.

Upset that he won’t be able to take Marisol on the expensive date that he promised since he’s ‘broke as a joke’, Jake offers to cut Mo in on the paint job his dad wants him to do.

Marisol tells Mo that she can’t go on the date with him because she has ‘important’ stuff to do that weekend, crushing Mo’s hopes for a do-over date.

Mo gets to the paint job and complains to Jake that Marisol cancelled the date, but his mood is quickly lifted when the guys realize that they’re painting a strip club and the employees are present.

Mo gets Jake to take a few pictures of him with the girls and tweets the images, hoping Marisol will see the pics. I’m sure this won’t backfire.

At school, Marisol is waiting for Mo at his locker after spending the night crying. Marisol didn’t see the pictures, but she’s been dealing with Katie’s breakdown and swore to not tell anyone about it.

With Katie in rehab, Marisol is left on her own to be school president.

But she’s not alone with Mo next to her. Aw!

Dave sees that Jacinta’s friends still think he pushed in front of the car and decides against going to see her. Alli thinks Dave needs to cheer up and suggests they go to an all-ages night at a comedy club.

At the comedy club Dave can’t put his phone down, repeatedly checking Jacinta’s Facerange page.

The comedian calls Dave out for interrupting his routine and Dave loses his cool, going after him.

The next day, Dave tells Alli that Jacinta’s friends are right and that he’s a bad guy.

But Alli doesn’t want to give up on him just yet. Repeat Aw.

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