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Degrassi Ep. 44: In The Cold Cold Night

May 11th, 2012

Fiona’s world is turned upside with a shocking revelation from her mother, Clare tries to make amends with her former friends and Maya finds that she can’t excel in her music class. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi!

Next week is the Degrassi finale! Catch up on Season 11 by watching episodes online here!

Maya feels frustrated in music class where the piece they’ve been assigned is far below her capabilities.

Maya tries to practice at home, but Katie is exhausted after her first day at rehab and Maya has to stay quiet.

Still disappointed that she’s not at an arts school, Maya’s dad suggests she drop the attitude and talk to Ms. Oh.

Maya apologizes to Ms. Oh and asks her to be bumped up to the Grade 11 band, but Ms. Oh won’t consider it for another year. Ms. Oh suggest that Maya study theory instead of playing with the band, a compromise she accepts.

Fiona and Imogen are still waiting for the chance to take down Katie and Marisol for getting them suspended and with Marisol as the new acting President, the perfect opportunity has presented itself.

During the school council meeting, Fiona points out that Marisol has done nothing as the Social Coordinator and in response, Marisol has Mo throw them out of the meeting.

Eli notices that Fiona swoons over Imogen and realizes that Fiona is totally into her new bestie. Fiona says that she only likes Imogen as a friend, but Eli sees right through her and promises to keep Fiona’s secret. Eli also suggests that Fiona go over Marisol’s head in trying to get an event thrown at Degrassi. He’s so schmart.

Fiona goes to see Mr. Simpson and tells him about the end of semester holiday carnival she wants to throw. Simpson agrees, as long as the event is Degrassi-only, held in the afternoon and thrown with Marisol’s help. Nom nom.

Fiona comes home to find her mom on her way back to New York to meet with some tax lawyers. Before she leaves, Fiona asks her mom for an advance on her trust fund to throw the carnival, but Mrs. Coyne refuses. Mrs. Coyne, unfortunately for her, forgets to pack her cheque book, which Fiona quickly finds.

Also, that’s the biggest cheque book I’ve ever seen. Rich people have big things.

Imogen shows up with materials to make signs and is so excited about the news of the carnival that she gives Fiona a kiss on the cheek.

Kudos to Fiona for not exploding with excitement.

In the student council office the next day, Marisol accuses Fiona of using her money to impress Imogen. In science class, Imogen asks Fiona whether there’s any truth to what Marisol said, but gets called away before Fiona can answer.

Fiona’s good mood comes to a crashing home when she arrives home to find her lawyer waiting for her and the police seizing their belongings. Mrs. Coyne has been arrested and accused of stealing money from the charity she works for in New York. ANNNNND WOW!

Fiona’s mom is released after questioning and Fiona tells her that she forged a foundation cheque to pay for the carnival.

Mrs. Coyne admits that the problems with the charity go back much further than Fiona’s cheque and now Mrs. Coyne is under house arrest.

She’s sent Holly J to help Fiona pack up the loft and move…back to New York.

Clare finds out that the paper is postponed until Katie returns, so she decides to hire an entire new staff to help her put the holiday edition of the Degrassi Daily out.

Clare starts with her class and Alli shuts her down in front of everyone. Shouldn’t Alli be looking for a way to make up for making out with Jake?

Clare gets to class the next day and finds Connor and KC already at work. KC suggests that Clare talk to Alli and get her, along with Jenna and Dave, on board.

Clare finds Alli and apologizes for only blaming her and not Jake for Jake and Alli’s kiss, but Alli is still hurt that Clare called Alli’s problems with Dave ‘pedestrian’.

Alli runs off, refusing to accept Clare’s apology.

But thankfully, KC and Connor convince Jenna and Alli to help with the newspaper, in turn forgiving Clare.

No one wants to cover theatre, but then a sixth writer walks through the door, willing to take care of the newspaper section. Cue swooning.

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