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Degrassi Episode 5: Cheerleaders, quarterbacks and cafeterias

July 27th, 2010

Riley’s double-identity may lose him Zane and his position as QB, Jenna gets some competition from cheerleaders and Alli goes all out trying to be one of those cheerleaders.

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

For everyone wondering what Riley was up to all summer we have an answer! He spent his days hanging with hottie Zane. Noooice! Zane is out of the proverbial closet and Riley is still in, which means they have to keep their distance at school. At least, that’s what Riley wants. If he’s going to be the starting quarterback and possibly the captain of the football team, Riley doesn’t think he can do it with people knowing about his sexuality. Zane doesn’t buy it and decides to try out for the football team himself.


While signing up for football tryouts Riley meets new student Drew. Zane interrupts their meet and greet to put his own name on the sheet and says “It’s time to show people that gay guys can play sports.” Trying to save face in front of Drew, who is obviously shocked at Zane’s reveal, Riley explains his relationship with Zane by saying “Zane’s in my algebra class.” That was dang cold, Riley. Dang cold.


Drew drops the 411 on Riley that he is going out for quarterback, which is also Riley’s position. Last time I checked there is only one quarterback on the field at a time. Roh row! At practice the other guys start to rip into Zane about his sexuality. Riley stands by and says nothing to defend Zane.


Drew eavesdrops on Riley and Zane talking about the risks involved in being gay and on the football team. Methinks this Drew kid may be a bit evil (the evil grin while eavesdropping kinda gives it away). At practice Drew encourages the team to kick off the season with tailgate party and then cryptically reminds everyone (while starring at Riley) to bring a date.


Riley shows up at the barbeque with Mary, or Meredith, or Marisol…hey, if he can’t keep it straight than I can’t be expected to either.


Drew starts to tease Riley, hinting that he knows Riley is gay, even going as far as accusing Riley of checking our ‘Mr. Gay’ (I think Drew is a Reservoir Dogs fan). Riley tells Zane that they have to stop speaking to each other during football practice because people are suspecting Riley of being gay. To be clear, ‘people’ is really just Drew, who happens to be after Riley’s spot on the team.


Zane, hurt by Riley’s fear of being out with him, tells Riley that they’re done talking. Period. Riley enlists the help of teammate Owen to remind Drew that he is a rookie. I feel like Drew’s finely coiffed head is ending up in the toilet in tomorrow’s episode.


Ah, the cafeteria. There are few things more frightening in high school than the daily fear of trying to figure out where and with who (if anyone) to have lunch everyday. With Clare on the Yearbook Committee Alli finds herself friendless at the lunch table and decides it’s time to change her social status. Girls on the Power Squad seem to have the most active social lives in school – so why not try out?


Chantay agrees to let Alli tryout even though she’s a week late, as long as Alli brings her a skinny latte and Spearmint gum. She drives a hard bargain. Alli shows up at tryouts in Clare’s sister Darcy’s old uni and totes mcgoats looks the part of a cheerleader. That is, until she starts to move.


Alli seems to have overlooked a key element to being a cheerleader, that is, being able to cheer. She no good. Chantay even gives Alli a private lesson after the tryout but unfortunately they were about 10 lessons too short. Apparently Alli was unable to follow Chantay’s directions to keep it crisp, keep it sharp, keep it Chantay. When did Chantay become an adjective?

After Alli gets the devastating news that she’s not on the Power Squad Clare encourages Alli to start her own club. Let’s also take a moment and discuss something that hasn’t been brought up yet this season; how freakin’ awesome does Clare’s hair look? For realz, girlfriend got smokin’ hawt with a few scissor snips.


Mr. Armstrong is trying to getting KC to try out for the football team and with the encouragement of his girlfriend Jenna, KC agrees. What Jenna didn’t consider was the amount of attention cutie-pie KC would be receiving from her fellow cheerleaders. Where’s your team loyalty, ladies? While trying to get their mack ‘on at the barbecue, KC gets about 50-11 text messages before finally turning his phone off. If I was Jenna I would have walked off at about number three.


Will Alli start a new club and have people to sit with in the caf? Will Riley stand up to Drew and apologize to Zane? Will Jenna and KC’s relationship survive his newfound fame? Find out tomorrow on an all new episode of Degrassi at 9pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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