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Degrassi Ep. 9: Stalker Angel

July 29th, 2011

Eli takes his health into his own hands, Riley makes a decision about his relationship with Zane and KC starts to cross the line with a co-worker. Find out what happened on last night’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! This recap contains mayjah spoilers. Click here to watch last night’s episode and click here to read the last recap.

Eli tells Adam he wants to stop taking his pills, but Adam suggests Eli try different medication. Rather than calmly explain to Adam that the pills make Eli unable to write, he completely loses it and screams at Adam, thus proving that he should NOT stop taking his pills.

In class Fiona asks how the writing is going for the play and Eli lies and tells her that it’s great. Imogen jumps in and confirms Eli’s lie. Anyone else feel like Imogen is Eli’s shadow? When does she go to the bathroom?

To ‘help’ Eli with his writing Imogen holds onto his pills to stop him from taking his MEDICATION! ‘Scuse me, Dr. Imogen? This is a terrible idea. Eli tries to get his pills back from Imogen when he starts feeling panicked and shaky, so she suggests skipping school to help his symptoms. Man, wish she had been my doctor in high school.

Imogen thinks that Eli can’t get past his problems because he’s still in love with Clare and Eli agrees. Imogen comes up with the somewhat creepy idea that Eli needs to get all of his hurt and anger towards Clare out in the open and the best way to do that is by Imogen dressing up as Clare and Eli yelling at Imogen as ‘Clare’. K, this is getting strange.

Imogen finds a ‘Clare’ outfit and even though Eli seems to think this idea is about as weird as it gets, Imogen starts yelling at Eli as ‘Clare’ saying that he’s a loser, she never loved him and she was using him. This sets Eli off and he screams at Imogen. Eli says he feels better afterwards. I don’t.

The real Clare finds Eli that day and reminds him that she still needs to interview him for the Degrassi Daily and Eli agrees to meet her at lunch.

Imogen and Eli are on a coffee date at The Dot later that morning and Imogen says that she thinks Clare has always doubted Eli. For example, on Vegas night Clare took Fitz’s side. And then there was Clare bailing on the comic festival Eli was going to take her to for spring break. Eli accuses Imogen of stalking him and Imogen retaliates by telling Eli the crazy is taking over him, convincing him she hasn’t been stalking Eli all this time. Um, she seems to know an awful lot of personal information for someone who hasn’t been ‘stalking’ Eli. Unless she’s been reading my recaps, something really strange is going on with this girl.

Eli pitches his new play idea to Fiona and she loves it!

When Eli finds Clare at lunch for the interview he tells her all about the play, which is essentially what happened to the couple on Vegas night. Furious, Clare tells Eli that he can’t make their private life public, but Eli doesn’t care.

He tells Clare that he’s off his meds and doesn’t love her anymore. Clare, like me, and unlike Imogen, is frightened for Eli.

Riley explains to Zane that he went on a date with a girl, but Zane doesn’t feel any better. Zane is upset that Riley has met his entire family, but he’s still a secret in Riley’s house. To make Zane feel better Riley invites him to his birthday dinner, but just as a friend.

At the dinner, Riley’s father is giving a speech on how proud he is of Riley for getting a sports scholarship and makes a joke about Riley and Athena, who is there, dating. Athena tries to help Riley pretend he’s straight by telling everyone that Riley already has a complicated relationship with a girl, and this is about all Zane can handle.

He thanks the Stavros for dinner and walks out.

Upset, Riley talks to Anya the next day and tries to get advice about what he should do. Anya points out that Riley has put Zane through a lot, but Riley just doesn’t want to hurt his family.

Zane meets Riley at The Dot, thinking that Riley needs help coming out to his parents.

Instead, Riley says that he can’t keep asking Zane to pretend to be straight, so he breaks up with him.

No! I love Ziley! Ugh, this episode is a heart breaker.

Speaking of couples not doing well, let’s turn our attention now to Jenna and KC. Marisol drops by KC’s locker to remind him that he’s getting lei’d at work for Hawaiian day. Um, that could have been phrased better.

KC seems to realize that he’s getting too close to Marisol and tells Jenna that he’s going to quit.

That is, until Marisol talks to the manager and gets KC a promotion to bus boy.

Jenna is excited that KC was promoted, until KC tells Jenna that it was Marisol who had KC promoted. Jenna remembers Marisol from Power Squad and doesn’t trust her. I’m with ya, Jenna.

The next day at school KC thanks Marisol for the promotion by buying her a new MP3 player after she told him that hers died. WAIT A DANG MINUTE! KC, you have a girlfriend at home who never gets to leave the apartment and a baby who needs whatever babies need and you’re spending money on Marisol?

Oh hellz no. Marisol thanks KC with a kiss on the cheek. Okay, this is soooooo not good.

Will KC cross the line with Marisol? Will Zane and Riley still be friends? Will Eli self-destruct now that he’s off his meds? Find out on this season of Degrassi!

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