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Degrassi Episode 1: Pregnancies, lies, slaps and balls!

July 21st, 2010


Zomg, dudes. Degrassi is back like nobodies bissnazz. The students have taken Manhattan and now they’re taking a new school year. Pregnancies, lies, slaps and balls – oh my!

Spoiler alert! You’re entering Recap City after the jump!

The lockers have been freshly painted, the toilet paper rolls are still full, the gym hasn’t started to reek of sweat, and it’s still warm enough to wear flip flops to school. Ah, September. The first day of school brings possibilities of newfound popularity, a change in school leadership and a fake pregnancy. Oh, Degrassi, we have missed you!

Holly J’s summer of lurve with Declan has come to an end and she must vacate NYC for the halls of Degrassi, leaving the Coyne’s behind to attend their Richie Rich prep school (I think that’s what it’s called). Fiona has returned from The Hamptons after finding herself a new therapist and new boyfriend (thankfully not the same person).


Holly J arrives home to find out that her parent’s money troubles have gotten worse and they’ve sold their house and are moving into an apartment after losing all their savings, including Holly J’s college money. Her plans of going to Yale next year with Declan blow up faster than The Dot after Emma works a shift.


But at least Holly J still has her position as the President of Degrassi Student Council, right? Right? Insert Sav Bhandari: rockstar, heartbreaker, scaredy cat of parents and the only person to challenge Holly J in this year’s election. We can probably scratch ‘Holly J’s friend’ off Sav’s definition list.


All of Sav’s friends have graduated, his band has split up and his break-up with Anya seems to actually be sticking. How will Holly J be able to kick her competition when he’s already down? Lie and tell Sav that his ex-girlfriend Anya is pregnant. Evil Clever Holly J. There is noooooo way this plan can go badly!


Dave’s crush on Alli seems to have gotten as big as the new bouncy balls that Mr. Simpson has implemented as chairs. Unfortunately, his plans to make her his boo backfired when a site that he and Connor created ranked Alli as the 42nd hottest girl on Dave’s list instead of #1. Come on guys! Bill Gates didn’t land a hot wife by entering algorithms incorrectly – step yo game up!


Back in New York we get to know Fiona’s new boyfriend, Bobby. Every show needs a villain and suffices to say this year our villain will be wearing a Vanderbilt Prep uniform and beating up Fiona. Lovely. Bobby seems perfect at first – good looking, from a rich family and appears to be in love with Fiona. Even Declan, who had his doubts, went out for a boy’s night with double B and reported back to Fiona that he was impressed with her new arm candy. It quickly became apparent that the private side to Bobby did not match his public side after he grabbed Fiona violently and then later forced himself on Fiona and slapped her. The episode ends with Fiona covering her bruised face with makeup to hide the physical marks from her mother.


Will Holly J be President again? Will Dave figure out how to properly make algorithms? Will Fiona get rid of Bobby? Will Sav remember that he watched Anya take the Morning After pill last season? Tune in tomorrow night at 9pm ET for another episode of Degrassi!

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