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Degrassi Episode 11: A picture tells a thousand words

August 5th, 2010

Holly J and Declan must make some tough decisions and Dave, Wesley and Connor move from rap to rock!

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed last night’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

It’s Band Slam time at Degrassi and Connor and Wesley have decided to make a band with Dave. The Three Tenners (srsly) are going to win Band Slam and finally get some lay-days!

Wesley and Connor have actually put together a really cool sound with their DJ/Flute combo. They’ve even written some lyrics for Dave to sing. Everything seems perfect until Dave actually starts to ‘sing’.

Declan wants Holly J to visit him in New York and take a tour of Yale with a bunch of his friends. Unfortunately, Holly J doesn’t have the money for a flight and has to stay home for a job interview.

While at Fiona’s apartment Holly J jumps online to chat with Declan and instead finds pics of him hanging out and being kissed by Tinsley. Quick recap: Tinsley is the chickita that cheated with Fiona’s ex, Bobby. Oh snaps.

Fiona reassures Holly J that she has nothing to worry about and Holly J agrees…kinda. Holly J decides to find the money for a flight and even turns down the serving job she was up for. When she calls Declan to tell him that she’s coming on the trip she finds Declan hanging out with (dun dun dunnnnn) Tinsley. Declan tells Holly J to stay home and not to come on the trip. Holly J assumes Declan is cheating on her. Kinda seems like it.

Holly J calls Declan to end things, but when he doesn’t pick up she instead does her Joe Jonas impersonation of a 27 second voicemail breaking up with Declan.

Holly J makes plans to meet Fiona the next morning for a shoulder to cry on, but a different Coyne is waiting for her at The Dot!

A new rivalry is brewing at Degrassi. When Eli tries to pull his ride into a parking space Fitz refuses to move and then rips Eli’s sweet skull hood ornament off of his hearse. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Later that day Fitz slams Adam into a locker and when Eli comes to Adam’s defence a fight between Eli and Fitz is broken up at the last minute by a teacher walking by. This ain’t ovah.

Eli promises Clare that he won’t resort to physical violence to deal with Fitz. Then Fitz delivers the lowest of low blows and knees Eli in the groin. Things just got dirrrty.

Eli comes up with a plan to fake a ‘truce’ between the two rivals and offers to get Fitz a fake ID. What Fitz doesn’t know is that his fake ID will have the same information as a wanted fugitive. Nicely done, Eli. Nicely done.

Is Declan really cheating on Holly J? Will Connor and Wesley tell Dave he can’t sing? Will Eli find an hood ornament as cool as his skull? Find out tonight’s brand new episode of Degrassi at 9pm ET!

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