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Degrassi Episode 13: If you like it then you shoulda put a label on it

August 9th, 2010

Sav and Holly J are getting friendlier by the balloon, Alli makes a huge mistake with Drew and Connor likes the fake world more than the real one.

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Connor seems to be sleeping his way through class after staying up all night playing a computer game online.

He’s found someone that seems to really understand him and they talk every night while playing online.

Connor finally confides in Dave and Wesley as to why he’s so excited about playing online everyday. He has a girlfriend! Dave and Wesley think that Connor needs to re-enter the real world and consider the fact that his new ‘girlfriend’ could be anyone…of any sex.

Alli is trying to figure out how to get Drew to start calling her his girlfriend. He says it’s too early to put a label on their relationship. Alli turns to Jenna and KC for advice, and in-between their smushing session they are able to advise her to ask Drew out on a date.

Sav and Holly J have arranged a dance at Above The Dot for Friday night and it seems like the perfect time for Alli to ask Drew on a date! Unfortunately, Drew says that his mom is coming down on him for his grades and he needs to stay home to work on his History paper.

Alli offers to help Drew with his paper, but he refuses her offer. Alli then takes this as a sign to write Drew’s paper for him and hand it in without telling him. At no point in this bullet-proof plan did Alli think to go easy on her use of giant words. It took their History teacher about .5 seconds to realize the paper wasn’t written by Drew.

The teacher blasts Drew in front of the class and calls him out on the paper that was obviously someone else’s handiwork. Alli steps up to take the blame and is punished with writing an even longer paper. Drew waited for her after class to inform Alli that her chances of being his girlfriend where ovah. OV. AH.

Holly J’s face has decided to explode alongside her relationship with Declan. Fiona offers her a should to cry on and a very expensive acne machine.

Holly J needs some distractions to help her get her mind off Declan and Sav needs help planning an event to replace the now-canceled Band Slam. Holly J suggests a dance and the two start working together to put the party together.

Oh ya, it’s Westerned themed.

Sav seems to be developing quite the crush on his student council VP and Fiona takes it upon herself to point this out to Holly J. Holly J insists they’re just friends and takes Sav up on his offer to visit her at work.

Things seem very friendly and then it just kinda gets weird.

The next day at school Holly J tells Sav she needs to confess something, but he interrupts her to ask for help with the balloons for the dance. What the cheese-doodle was she gonna say? I have to confess I like you? I have to confess we can’t hang out? I have to confess I don’t like your new haircut? WHAT??? We may never know, but we do know that Fiona was right about one thing: Sav like likes Holly J.

Will Holly J confess that she likes Sav back? Will Drew forgive Alli? Will Connor find out the true identity of his cyber-friend? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi tomorrow night at 9pm ET!

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