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Degrassi Episode 14: Make it big and make it count

August 10th, 2010

Holly J decides whether to follow her feelings, Drew tries to win Alli back and Connor (sorta) meets his online friend!

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Dave and Wesley have convinced Connor that the upcoming school dance is the perfect time to meet his online girlfriend. Thankfully they do things the smart way and go with Connor to a public place to meet his lady, who turns out to be a lady…and not a 15 year old one.

The guys force Connor to bail before saying hi, leaving his new friend standing at the bar alone. Cold, guys, cold. While shooting hoops at school Dave tries to convince Connor to still go to the dance. Connor won’t, but does text his friend an apology. Methinks this relationship isn’t ovah.

Drew decides that trying to date Alli is too much drama and enlists the help of KC to find another girlfriend. KC suggests Marisol and Drew asks her out on a date. She says yes, partly because she likes him and partly because she’s a robot.

While on their date at The Dot it becomes apparent that Marisol is not nearly as dramatic as Alli…she also has less than zero opinions, if that’s possible.

Drew tries to accept Alli’s previous invite to the dance, but Alli still remembers how mean Drew was to her about the paper and isn’t quick to forgive him. Drew’s stepbrother Adam suggests making a grand gesture, so Drew enlists the help of KC, Fitz, and another dude to deliver a clever football poem all about Drew in front of Alli. She no likey.

At the dance Adam tells Alli that Jenna is waiting for her in the photo booth and then bam-o! Drew does the old switcher-oo and is the one waiting for her! He redeems himself by apologizing for getting so mad and finally telling Alli all the things he likes about it. They end the episode by literally labeling each other as their boyfriend/girlfriend. I hope the giddiness of their lurve masks the pain that is coming for them when they rip those labels off their foreheads!

Fiona’s suspicions of Sav having a mayjah crush on Holly J are pretty much confirmed when he refers to HJ as hot stuff in the hall. Real subtle, Sav.

After talking things over with Fiona, Holly J decides to tell Sav they can only be friends. And she does. And then she kisses him. A lot. Also, anyone notice they’re the same height while kissing? Who shrunk? Who got taller? I’m so confused.

Before the dance Holly J again says that she and Sav can only be friends. Then Sav makes an announcement to the entire school that Holly J is amazing and looks beautiful in her cowboy outfit. Le sigh. This is kinda what you shoulda done instead of the weird poem thingy, Drew. Holly J and Sav decide that they should keep seeing each other and promise to not tell anyone. Anya and Fiona totes know something is up. Holly J and Sav kissing in school probs doesn’t help their chance of keeping their lurve on the DL.

Will Connor actually talk to his online girlfriend in real life? Will Alli and Drew make their relationship last to next period? Will Holly J and Sav be able to keep their lurve hidden? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi tomorrow night at 9pm ET!

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