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Degrassi Episode 16: It’s a family affair

August 12th, 2010

Adam must choose between making himself or his family happy, Dave finally finds common ground with Ms. Oh and Anya comes to terms with her mother’s future.

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

After the fights that landed Drew with a black eye and Adam with a sore, well, body, Mrs. Torres wants Adam to relocate to a new school. Mr. Simpson has suspended Fitz and Owen, apologized that Adam was in danger, given Adam a key to the handicap bathroom and assigned a teacher to follow Adam in the halls between classes.

Adam is mortified with the new changes, but convinces his mom to let him stay at Degrassi. With the fights and the upcoming visit by Adam’s grandmother, Mrs. Torres is pushing Adam to go back to being Gracie. She gives him an ultimatum; either come to dinner with your grandmother as Gracie or don’t come at all.

We see a brief glimpse of the pain that Adam has gone through in his transition out of Gracie when the scars from cutting and burning himself are visible.

Adam decides that being Gracie is easier for everyone else and shows up to dinner with his grandma dressed as a girl.

He even tries the new look out at school, but still has to face harassment from Bianca.

Clare finds Adam dressed as Gracie outside the school burning himself with his barrette. She reminds him that as long as he accepts himself everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant. They have to change, not Adam. If only more people were like Clare!

At the suggestion of Adam’s counselor Adam, Clare and Eli burn some of Adam’s belongings that remind him of being Gracie. Drew, and Mr. and Mrs. Torres join them to show their support for Adam.

Anya is trying to deal with her mother’s cancer and keep a brave face at school. When she tells Holly J that she didn’t get a chance to finish their assignment Holly J assumes that Anya is upset because she’s found out about Holly J and Sav dating.

Anya can’t figure out why her parents seem so relaxed about the situation. They’re trying to be positive while Anya can’t stop from picturing her mom dying. They want Anya to join them at the doctor’s appointment, but Anya doesn’t think she can handle the meeting. Anya goes to school to work on the History assignment with Holly J and Sav. When she finds them missing and the project finished she turns on the lava function of the model and destroys their work.

Holly J (shocker) freaks out at Anya the next day when she finds the project destroyed. Anya runs out of the classroom and Holly J follows her to tell her that she shouldn’t be so upset that Holly J and Sav are dating. Anya admits that the real reason behind her recent behaviour is her mom’s sickness. Holly J encourages Anya to join her parents at the Doctor’s office. Dangit Degrassi. You made me cry. Also – cute doctor!

Dave has decided to follow up his awful idea of using personal pics of Ms. Oh in his assignment with another awful idea. Making her laugh will get his teacher to like him, right? Ms. Oh walks into class to find Dave doing his best Risky Business impersonation.

Amazingly, she neither fails him or sends him to detention. Dave, Wesley and Connor want to get to the bottom of Ms. Oh’s lack of reaction (guys – just be thankful!) and check her Facerange page. They discover she’s newly single and later see her crying in the parking lot.

Dave finally remembers that he actually has some common sense and apologizes to Ms. Oh. He also mentions the break up. Quit while you’re ahead, Dave!

Will Anya’s mom be okay? Will Adam be safe at Degrassi? Will Dave keep his pants on? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi Monday night at 9pm ET!

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