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Degrassi Episode 19: I’m Spartacus

August 18th, 2010

Riley finally makes amends with Zane, Wesley tries to be the next Drew and Clare gets kissed and dissed by Eli.

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Riley has signed up for the Degrassi Bachelor Auction at Anya’s urging. The only person he wants to bet on him is Zane, and Zane still isn’t really talking to Riley.

In the locker room Owen starts making gay jokes and even dyes Zane’s practice t-shirt pink. Riley doesn’t help matters much when he joins in on the jokes.

Anya talks Riley into checking out the LGBT support group since Zane is a member. At the meeting Zane shares his feelings about the jokes in the locker room and Riley finally understands why Zane gets so upset over the comments. Riley also realizes that he is a homophobe.

The next day at school Dave and Wesley walk pass Zane and Riley. Dave makes a comment that something he doesn’t like ‘is gay.’ Riley shoves Dave and just about makes him wet himself. The shoving was unnecessary, but I’m glad to finally see Riley take a stand.

Anya tells Riley that he needs to make the football team understand that they can’t bully one another. The pair use the film Spartacus as their inspiration. *Note: great line by Riley when Anya asks whether he’s seen Spartacus. “I’m Greek. It’s required viewing.”

Riley dyes all the practice t-shirts pink to show that everyone is part of the team. Most of the guys are on board, except for Owen, who storms out. Shocker.

Things are finally great again with Riley and Zane. They’re friends again and Zane can see that Riley is really trying to move away from living in the closet. And then they see Riley’s locker.

Wesley is tired of never having a girlfriend and to him, Anya is perfect. Wesley even signs up to for the Bachelor auction to impress Anya and – gasp – Anya knows his name!

Dave tries to explain that Wesley is going to embarrass himself on stage. He’s not smooth like Drew. No one is arguing with that, even Wesley, but maybe Drew can teach Wesley how to be cool. Wesley volunteers to tutor Drew and Drew agrees to help Wesley be cool. I think Wesley got the easier end of the bargain.

Things with Clare and Eli seem to be at a standstill. Clare is pretty sure that Eli likes her, but neither of them have made a move. Eli, Clare and Adam form a group to work on their assignment to reenact the death scene at the end Romeo and Juliet (sorry if I spoiled that for anyone). Hello opportunity, thy name is Clare! Poor Adam has to tag along for third wheel duties.

Adam films ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ and Clare and Eli finally kiss! Sparks! Magic! Swoon! I’m jealous!

Clare floats to class the next day, but when Eli sits down he gives her the old cold shoulder. Brutal.

Clare confronts Eli the next day while he’s working on the hearse (that sounds like slang for something else…nope, he just owns a hearse). Clare tells Eli that she has feelings for him and that she knows he has feelings for her. Eli apologizes for leading her on and Clare walks away, most likely mortified. I don’t buy it. Homeboy has the warm fuzzies for Clare Bear, so what the deal?

Will Riley find out who wrote on his locker and make the person live in his locker? Will anyone bid on Wesley at the auction? Will we figure what the hellz is up with Eli before Clare literally cries her eyes out? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi tomorrow night at 9pm ET!

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