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Degrassi Episode 22: I smell trouble

August 24th, 2010

Fiona’s drinking gets out of control, Eli is left bloody when he gets in the middle of Adam and Fitz and Riley’s future rests on his views of his own sexuality. *Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

There is only one episode of Degrassi left until the huge summer finale on Thursday August 26 at 9pm ET! You don’t want to miss a second of the action! Watch Degrassi Monday – Thursday nights at 9pm ET on MuchMusic!

Fiona’s drinking is starting to spiral out of control. While taping her deposition for the hearing with Bobby’s lawyer, Toni Stark, (Ironwoman, amazing) she loses control and drops a b bomb on the lawyer. Eeks.

Fiona runs into the kitchen and her mom Lara follows. Hey, she smells like champagne! Fiona’s caught dizzy-handed and storms out of her condo. At school she tries studying with Holly J, but they’re interrupted when Lara storms in and demands Fiona tell her what is going on. Fiona doesn’t have any fight left in her, or so she thinks, so she lies to her mother and says that Bobby never hit her.

Fiona shows up to drunk to her exam and barely answers any questions. Ya, me too, that’s why I got a 50 in Calculus. I was, um, drunk…right. Anywho, Fiona stumbles around a bit and makes her way over to a table at the back of the room and takes a little nappy-poo. In her defense, slipping into a coma after staying up studying all week isn’t that out of the ordinary. Smelling like champagne while you nap is, though.

Holly J helps Fiona get home and then forces Fiona to sit through the tape of Bobby’s deposition where he calls Fiona unstable and makes himself out to be the victim. OOOOOO I hate that Bobby! This amp-up session is just what Fiona needed to get angry enough to go through with the charges. And of course, having her mom and bestie Holly J behind her helps. Take that Stark!

Adam is still (WHY???) pursuing his friendship with Fitz. Adam wants in on Fitz’s fight club, which we all know the first rule of (don’t talk about fight club).

When Adam shows up for his first fight he is paired up with Bianca, because in Fitz’s mind Adam is a girl. Adam loses his shizz and storms out of the locker room.

In the hall later that day Eli tries to talk to Adam, but he’s in the punching zone and targeting in on Fitz’s gut. Adam lands a hard fast one to the bread maker and leaves Fitz laying on the ground. Eli tries to pull Adam away so that he won’t be caught by teachers, but Adam doesn’t want Eli’s help. I’ll take your help, Eli! Sooo cute!

Clare and Eli try to talk Adam out of meeting Fitz after school to finish their fight, but Adam won’t listen. Eli decides to meet Adam outside of school and help him fight Fitz, but instead Fitz punches Eli. Adam retaliates by kneeing Fitz in the groin.

Clare does her part by throwing a stink bomb into the exam room, thus emptying the school into the parking lot and breaking up the fight. The real question is, where did Clare Bear get a stink bomb?!?!

Riley is uncertain about going ahead with his football career. He’s worried that a new team won’t accept him for being gay.

At his meeting with the Eastern scout, Riley tells him that he’s gay and the scout assures Riley that Eastern is very progressive and would love to have an openly out football player. Riley is relieved and tells Zane about the good news. Zane tells Riley that he’s like gay-rights activist Harvey Milk. Unfortunately, Zane also mentions that Milk was assassinated.

Riley is starting to have doubts about being an out football player. He’s worried about the violence and hate that could be directed towards him in the future by homophobes. Riley talks to Coach Armstrong, who tells Riley that he must decide whether the struggle is worth doing something he loves. Deep, Coach, I liked it. Riley accepts the scholarship and then *gasp* kisses Zane in the hall! Whoooot!

Will Fiona’s charges against Bobby put him behind bars? Will Fitz and Adam have a rematch? Will Riley and Zane be the homecoming King and King? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi tomorrow night at 9pm ET!

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