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Degrassi Episode 23: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

August 25th, 2010

Drew risks his relationship with Alli and Clare tries to keep the peace between Eli and Fitz by making herself the white flag. *Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Degrassi’s biggest episode ever is almost here! Tune in on Thursday August 26 at 9pm ET! You don’t want to miss a second of the action!

As the last episode before tomorrow night’s huge Summer Finale, Degrassi is wasting no time getting the dramz in order! First up, things between Alli and Drew seem to be going great. Alli is helping Drew study for his math exam. Well, make out and study. Unfortunately the make out part was caught by Drew’s mom. Is it me or is she an angry lady?

Later that day KC is taking his turn as Drew’s tutor when Bianca makes her way over to the boys and asks Drew for some help with her zipper. What the? Drew manages to stop drooling long enough to do up Bianca’s zipper. Eeks. This ain’t good for lil Bhandari.

After she gets out of her own exam Alli helps Drew study…again…because she is a nice girlfriend. While studying Drew gets a text from Bianca that apparently made his iPhone steam up. It was clear enough for Alli to see, though! You in troubs, Drew. Drew said he would handle the situation and later went to Bianca’s locker to tell her that he has a girlfriend to not text him sexy pictures anymore. Bianca made it very clear that she does not care about his FaceRange status and told Drew to meet her in the Boiler Room at 4.

At his exam Drew tells KC about Bianca’s proposition. KC gives Drew the 411 on the Boiler Room, aka the oral hook-up room. OH EM GEE I need an adult!

After the exam Alli goes on, and on, and on (srsly stop!) about how easy the test was. Has she not been paying attention? Drew does not do well in school. The last thing he wants to hear is how easy other people find a test that he probably won’t pass. Drew tells Alli that he’ll meet her at the dance and then, although hesitant at first, makes his way to the Boiler Room. This ain’t good.

Clare is straight up freakin’ about being found out as the stink bomb culprit. Eli tries to put her worries to rest by telling Simpson that Fitz was the one with the stink bomb. Um, good?

To pass the time before his exam Eli lays some made smooth moves on Clare and goes in for the kill. Best line of the season so far goes to Clare! Eli after kiss: “I have a French exam.” Clare: “I think you just passed.” Clare FTW!

With the two week break only a day away Clare is worried about leaving school without knowing where she and Eli stand. She doesn’t want to push Eli on the g-friend topic, since he just told her about his dead girlfriend, but Clare doesn’t want to lose him. Alli, being the annoying friend that she can be, plants the seed for a horrible story in Clare’s head where Eli meets a new girl and ditches Clare, since they’re not technically official. Ya, that’s what everyone wants to hear right before they write an exam!

Clare meets Eli after their exams and a super-cute flirt session gets interrupted by Fitz putting Eli in a headlock for telling on him to Simpson. Man, way to ruin a playa’s game! BTW, anyone notice the teacher walking by who could care less that Eli and Fitz were fighting? Where Mr. Simpson at? Fitz backs off and Clare drops the g-bomb on Eli. She shoots, she scores! Eli wants Clare to be his girlfriend! Bunnies hug, kittens play jump rope, unicorns kiss, all is good with the world. But this is Degrassi. Wait five minutes and disaster will sure enough strike. When Clare buys the tickets for her and Eli to go to Vegas night together Fitz steps in and informs her of his plan to murder Eli. Lovely. Clare tells him that she’ll do anything to stop the feud.

Oh Clare, bad call. Fitz takes her up on this offer and tells her that if she goes to the dance with him, he’ll back off Eli. Not freakin’ likely. Clare agrees and of course, Eli is pissed. Eli goes after Fitz, who tells him that he’ll be gentle with Clare when they have sex. OOOOOOOIHATEFITZ!!! Amazingly, Eli doesn’t fit Fitz. I think his rage actually rendered him temporarily paralyzed.

Jenna and Alli are at Clare’s getting ready for the dance with Eli shows up.

He wants Clare to slip drugs into Fitz’s drink to make him sick. Eli’s request makes Clare mad and she shuts the door in his face. True dat. Eli – I think Clare is already doing enough for you.

Will Alli find out about Drew’s extra curricular activities with bad bad Bianca in the Boiler Room? Will Clare survive the night with Fitz? Will Eli and Clare’s relationship make it through the two week break? Find out on tomorrow’s Summer Finale episode at 9pm ET!

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