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Degrassi Episode 3: Is Clare turning into Heidi Montag?

July 21st, 2010


Jenna thinks Clare is buying a new bod, Sav and Holly J duke it out in front of the school, Anya pretends to crave pickles and Fiona exchanges her zip code for a postal code. Find out what went down on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Fiona appears to be back to dramatic ways at the start of Episode 3. The school rooftop seems to be her hang out spot of choice and the other kids at Vanderbilt have noticed.


Fiona promises to stop with the attempt to win an Oscar in high school. Instead, she spends her time sprucing up her bruised face and then posts the pics online to show everyone what Bobby did to her. Bobby freaks out at Declan, who upon realizing that the bruise had been amplified, freaks out at Fiona.


Holly J convinces Declan to trust his sister and he apologizes. Fiona agrees to tell her parents about Booby, but instead makes a quick switcheroo in the game plan and jumps on a plane.


Back at Degrassi Clare is super stoked to get laser surgery and say buh-bye to her glasses. While telling Alli about the surgery Jenna overhears their conversation and thinks that Clare is talking about breast implants.


Jenna tells KC, who (being a 16 year-old dude) tells all the guys.


Jenna tries to confront Clare about the surgery and talk her out of the procedure. For realz, these two are in the Gifted class – they should be able to communicate more clearly. Both of them should make a diorama about what they think the other one is talking about and then compare.


Holly J gets one more supporter for her presidential campaign when Fiona shows up and announces that she’s run away.


Anya finally separates her head from her butt and tells Sav the truth about the faby (fake baby). Sav forgives Anya and the two decide to team up in the election.


The whole school thinks that Sav got Anya pregnant. Rather than correct Holly J’s mother of a lie, Sav uses it in his favour and ends up winning the election!


Holly J confronts Anya about ditching her for Sav. Anya, tired of Holly J’s bs, tells her that people didn’t vote for her because they don’t like her. Dang, Anya! Way to kick a politician when they’re down!


Mrs. Coyne shows up at Degrassi after Holly J gave Declan the coordinates for his sister. Fiona finally tells her mom about Bobby and gets the support she’s been looking for.

With Fiona stay at Degrassi? Will Sav and Anya finally stay together? Will Holly J get into Yale without being President? Will Clare and Jenna try to get 2 for 1 deals on surgery? Find out tomorrow on an all new episode of Degrassi at 9pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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