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Degrassi Episode 30: If you really knew me

November 5th, 2010

Clare makes a shocking discovery about Eli, Adam and Drew fight for Princess Fiona and Dave makes a violent decision. Spoiler alert! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last recap here!

Clare is still hella peeved after telling Eli she wanted to stay at his place overnight and getting the big EN-OH. Eli is waiting at her locker to apologize, but Clare ain’t hearing any of that noise. She wants her father’s watch back, but Eli says that he left it at home.

Adam and Drew are still working on the Food Drive, but after Adam smoothed things over with Fiona, Drew is also now working on her. Upset by seeing them flirt, Adam storms out of the Food Drive with Fiona running after him. Adam tells her that he’s mad she’s flirting with Drew. Confused and hurt, Fiona storms off and tells Adam that she’s done with both brothers. Note to self: do not get Adam to be your wing man.

Clare sees Adam looking depressed after his confrontation and enlists his help on getting into Eli’s room. Eli’s dad lets them in, even though he’s skeptical since Eli doesn’t let anyone in his room. Weird. Moving on… Eli has a lock on his door (weird) and Clare and Adam want to figure out the combination. Adam suggests the date of Julia’s death and it works!

K, this can’t get any weirder.

Nevermind, it can. Eli is a hoarder. Huh. Still don’t find him any less cute. Is that weird?

Clare thinks that she can help Eli with his ‘messiness’ (fyi, if Eli can hide his hearse in his room under all the stuff he has, it’s beyond ‘messiness’). She cleans his locker and throws out all of the garbage, or at least what she thought was garbage. This does not go over well.

Eli loses his shizz and freaks out on Clare in the middle of the hallway.

Distraught, Clare goes home and finally gets some good news. Her parents have decided to go with her suggestion of keeping the house so that Clare doesn’t have to go back and forth. Her parents will share a condo and spend every other week in the house with Clare. Finally, some good news!

Eli also has some parent time. Upset about his outburst with Clare, Eli sits in his car thinking about the day’s events. His mom hops in and tries to console her son. Eli explains that he keeps things because he’s worried that if he starts to throw things away, he’ll forget Julia. Eli’s mom points out that Julia would want Eli to be happy.

Eli shows up at Clare’s house and explains why he hangs on to things. Clare suggests that Eli is a hoarder and that he’s going to need help to start de-cluttering his life. Just as Eli stood by Clare during her parents divorce, she’s going to stand by him.

They start the long, long, looooong process of throwing things out in his room, with Clare by his side for every item.

Eli tells Clare that when his room is finally ready he hopes she’ll stay over and Clare says that she hopes she’s ready then. Wowza!

After Adam’s outburst at Fiona he confronts Drew and tells his brother that he should back off Fiona. Drew accuses Adam of being jealous and Adam tells Drew that since Fiona doesn’t want anything physical, it would be better for Adam to date Fiona. Drew, mad at his brother, screams that Fiona won’t be interested in Adam because physically, he’s a girl. Oh man. He went there.

At The Dot, Drew approaches Fiona. Fiona tells him she’s confused by the two brothers and doesn’t understand why Adam was so upset, since he’s always so sweet. Drew realizes that Fiona doesn’t know that Adam was born a girl, and rather than tell Adam’s secret in an attempt to get Fiona all to himself, Drew keeps quiet.

Later that day Drew tells Adam that he’s going to back off of Fiona out of respect for his brother. This scene = too cute.

Dave is still trying to impress his older ‘friends’ (I use that term loosely), who continue to refer to him lovingly as a narc. The ringleader decides that the best way Dave can prove that he isn’t a narc is by stealing something from his father’s police car.

Dave does this with ease because apparently his dad never locks his cruiser. Like, ever. Weird.

Dave steals a tazer and the older kids are impressed. But they still want Dave to prove he’s a badass and use it on someone. That someone, unfortunately, is Wesley, who happens to be walking by.

Dave tazes his best friend, leaving him shaking on the ground in pain.

Later, Wesley sees Dave trying to put the tazer back in the cruiser (still unlocked) and Dave tries to apologize to Wesley. Wesley tells Dave that if he’s really sorry then Wesley should get to taze Dave. Dave readies himself for the pain and then…

Wesley, being the nice guy he is, purple nurple’s his friend. Dang Dave! Alli does nothing in the Boiler Room and has to change schools. You steal a tazer and taze your friend and all you get is a purple nurple!

Will Clare be able to help Eli get rid of all of his stuff? Will Adam and Fiona become more than friends? Will we find out where Connor has been (srsly, there have only been Two Tenners for the last two episodes!)? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi on Friday at 9pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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