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Degrassi Episode 33: Paper Bag Princess

February 11th, 2011

The students at Degrassi are back and just in time for Valentine’s Day. It looks like lonely hearts Adam, Dave and Anya are all getting some lovin’ this February 14, but is it the relationship they really want? Find out in today’s recap!

Spoiler alert! If you missed Friday’s episode you can watch it here and read the last recap here!

Today Anya heads to the hospital to find out if her mother is finally cancer-free after her treatments.

Dr. Chris delivers the good news to Anya and her mother that everything looks great! An elated Anya is so excited that she hugs the doctor. Oh, and he’s still super cute.

The only bad news is that now she has no reason to see Dr. Chris. Before leaving Anya notices that he is going to be at Pizza Leslie that night so Anya grabs Holly J and a slice. As soon as the good doctor gets to the restaurant Holly J takes one for the team and pretends to choke. Dr. Chris swoops in and saves the day, but unfortunately hangs up his cape and makes his way over to his date. Danggit.

Or was it a date? Dr. Chris calls Anya the next day and tells her that he was out with a friend and (still thinking she’s in college) asks the high school senior on a date.

The two hit up Miss Steaks and have a great time together.

When Holly J reminds Anya about her curfew she quickly ends the date, but not before using the smoothest move in the book. She asks Dr. Chris to check out a mole she has, thus forcing him to lean in for a kiss. Brilliant?

Anya isn’t the only Degrassi student on a roll. While complaining about the couple violating decency laws in front of his locker, Dave strikes up a conversation with a girl named Sadie.

Dave musters up all his swag and asks Sadie to The Dot and she accepts! It’s a Three Tenner miracle!

Excited, Dave drags Connor and Wesley over to Sadie’s class so they can check out his new lady. In doing so they also check out that she is about a foot taller than Dave.

At The Dot Dave finds that he and Sadie have a lot in common. But when she stands up to get food with him Dave freaks out and tells her to wait at the table while he gets food.

Eli and Adam are still looking for a lead actress for their play, but they’re out of ideas. Adam sees Fiona in the hall and tries to avoid her, but she corners him and tells him that she missed his party because her aunt died. Adam feels terrible that he was mad at her and asks her to try out for the play.

Fiona tries out for the play and nails the part, as well as a big arrow in Adam’s heart. *Side note: I think we can all agree that Eli was ridonkulously cute in this scene. Show of hands?

They decide to meet up at her place and work on their lines together. Adam suggests they start with the kissing scene, but before things go any further Adam tells Fiona that he’s a transgender. Fiona already knew and doesn’t care (yay) and the two finally kiss (yay yay)!

Fiona spills some champers on Adam and he changes into Declan’s clothes. Adam decides that it’s time to ask Fiona why she really missed his party since the dead aunt story is pretty weak. Fiona admits that she’s scared that Adam will find out she’s not perfect and she won’t stay on the pedestal he’s put her on.

The next day during play rehearsal Fiona is cold towards Adam and tells him to forget that anything happened. Confused, Adam talks to Eli and tells him that Fiona was fine when they were alone and she was drinking. Eli points out that people often tell the truth when they’re drinking, meaning that Fiona really does care about him.

That night Adam goes to Fiona’s apartment to return the suit and she invites him in. She’s already been drinking and he encourages her to keep drinking…which leads to more making out.

Annnnd that’s when Holly J walks in, surprised to see the two of them together, but unfortunately not surprised to see Fiona drunk.

Fiona tries to play it off like she’s fine, but Holly J warns Adam to watch Fiona and make sure she doesn’t go too far.

Will Adam find out that Fiona has a real drinking problem? Will Dave get over Sadie’s height (not literally)? Will Dr. Chris end up in doctor jail? Find out on the next episode of Degrassi on Friday February 11 at 9:30 pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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