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Degrassi Episode 34: All you need is love

February 11th, 2011

Adam starts to realize that Fiona’s drinking is a real problem, Dave looks like he’s ruined his chances with Sadie and Anya decides whether to come clean to Dr. Chris about her age. Find out what went down in tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

Spoiler alert! If you missed this episode you can watch it here and read the last recap here!

Dave can’t seem to get over Sadie’s height, and his friends aren’t helping things. Connor and Wesley (who I’d like to point out are date-less) relentlessly make fun of Dave and the fact that Sadie is taller than him.

When Sadie asks Dave about their upcoming date, he cancels on her and then proceeds to make fun of her in front of Connor and Wesley, not realizing that she can hear him. Smoooooooth. This is Degrassi Dave, there are only two hallways.

Connor and Wesley turn into helpful friends and point out to Dave that Sadie’s height isn’t the issue, but that Dave’s insecurities are instead. Dave realizes that he screwed up big time and tries to figure out how to make things up to Sadie.

Dave finds Sadie playing basketball after school and makes her a bet. If he wins he gets to take her out. And if she wins, well, I’m pretty sure she’s going to throw the game so it doesn’t really matter.

Anya is still floating after her awesome first date with Dr. Chris. *Question – how many dates before she stops calling him Dr. Chris? Anywho, Anya tells her mom about her date and even includes the fact that it was with Dr. Chris. Her mother, not surprisingly, is mega-pissed and wants Anya to call things off.

Anya talks things over with Holly J, who of course encourages Anya to tell Dr. Chris the truth. Anya finally decides that she’ll do it that day when they meet for lunch.

But at lunch, things are going really well and Anya doesn’t want to ruin what they’ve got going.

Especially when Dr. Chris invites her to go to away for the weekend to a medieval festival.

Anya tries to sneak out of the house with her luggage while her mom is at work, but guess who comes home early!

Anya’s mom demands that Anya tell Dr. Chris how old she really is and even takes her to the hospital herself. Oh parents. If they weren’t here to embarrass us then who would?

Dr. Chris agrees to meet Anya the next day so that she can apologize again and ask for a second chance. He agrees to give her one, but only in two months when she turns 18. Thumbs up for birthdays!

Adam is late to rehearsal, but at least he showed up, unlike Fiona. Adam tells Clare and Eli that he and Fiona had an amazing night together, but his friends are worried about the fact that she’s still drinking. Clare comes up with the idea that they all hang out that day at the Lovers Lunch.

Fiona shows up, but unfortunately she shows up drunk. (Everyone notice her use Eli’s line on Clare? Get this signature line and others in Degrassi Valentines!) Adam gets her out of the cafeteria, but when they’re alone Fiona tells him that she needs to drink to be with him. That sound you just heard was Adam’s heart dropping into his butt.

Fiona shows up, sober, to rehearsal that day and apologizes to Adam. He agrees to forgive her after she says she LOVES him! What??? She also tells Adam that she’ll stop drinking.

Holly J finds Adam later that day and tells him that she and Mrs. Coyne are staging an intervention for Fiona that night and that she wants Adam to come. Adam, terrified that Fiona will leave him and go to rehab, tells Fiona that they should take off and go somewhere together.

When Adam picks Fiona up later at her apartment he finds her passed out.

Scared, Adam calls Holly J, deciding that she’s right about the intervention.

Adam blindfolds Fiona making her think that he’s surprising her with something romantic.

Surprise! It’s an intervention. But in all seriousness, where the ish is Declan?

Upset, Fiona tells Adam to leave and that she never wants to see him again. Hurt, Adam goes to The Dot to get support from Eli and Clare. Holly J shows up with a note that she found in Fiona’s room and gives the note to Adam. Fiona is definitely falling in love with Adam and methinks she’ll be able to forgive him.

Will Fiona be able to kick her addiction? Will Dave finally get over his friends teasing him about Sadie? Will Anya still be interested in Dr. Chris in two months? Find out on a brand new episode of Degrassi next Friday at 9pm ET exclusively on MuchMusic!

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