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Degrassi Episode 36: Come as you are

February 25th, 2011

Alli’s luck with Malika runs out, Riley tries to come out to his parents and Drew gets in over his head with Bianca. Find out what went down on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler! This recap includes mayjah spoilers. If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read last week’s recaps here.

After Malika agreed to sleep over she instantly bolted for her boyfriend’s house. She promised Alli she’d be back by dawn, but by the time the Bhandari’s woke up Malika hadn’t come home and Alli was ready to have a heart attack. Thankfully, she walked in the door before the two girls were caught. Ugh, this chick is SUCH bad news! Where’s Clare Bear?!?

At school that day Malika and Alli get out of class by telling their teacher’s they want to pray. Malika uses this as a cover for her smoke break. She asks Alli to hold her cigarette while she gets something out of her bag…

…which is exactly when Mrs. Bhandari arrives. BUSTED! Malika totally punks out and tells Mrs. Bhandari the cigarette is Alli’s. Ooooo gurl, karma gonna get choo.

Alli tries to tell her mom that the cigarette wasn’t hers, but Mrs. Bhandari made a ‘final sale’ purchase on the good girl story Malika was selling and refuses to believe Alli.

Distraught, Alli gets comfort from Sav, who is the only person in her house that believes her.

After Riley’s mom walked in on him and Zane making out he knows that the time has come to tell his parents he’s gay. Unfortunately, Riley’s mom pretends that she didn’t see anything and refuses to listen to Riley. Riley tells Zane about his mom’s reaction and decides that he’s ready to come out and will force his parents to listen.

Riley decides to be nice and subtle (NOT) and leaves gay porn on his bed and then goes for a run, knowing his mom will clean his room. So that’s what I have to do to get my mom to clean my pigsty!

Riley gets back from his run and his mom pretends like nothing was on his bed. Out of ideas, Riley confronts his mother and tells her that he’s gay. She refuses to listen and storms out of the room.

Riley comes home the next day to meet up with his dad for their father son baseball game tradition, but Riley’s mom told his dad that he wouldn’t be going. She said she assumed that since Riley was gay he wouldn’t like things like ‘sports’. She then told him to never tell his father about his ‘confusion’. Poor Riley.

He may not have the support of his family, but Riley has Zane by his side and that’s not so bad.

Drew is still peeved at the guys for making Bianca feel so unwelcome after the last game. He tells KC and Dave that they need to try harder with her and the guys all agree to have a triple date at The Dot.

Drew invites Bianca to The Dot, at which point she asks “Did you get hit in the head yesterday?”, meaning why would she hang out with people who don’t like her. Let’s review.

Yes, yes he did get hit in the head.

Things are going okay, but when Bianca tries to give Jenna a compliment it comes out as more of an insult and Jenna goes into full on beetch mode.

Mad at his friends, Drew takes Bianca up on her offer to hang out with her in the woods with some of her friends who want to party.

Some of these friends come with snackies in the form of mushrooms.

Even though the championship game is in a few hours, Drew decides that this would be a good time to try drugs. *Note, there is never a good time to try drugs…but before a basketball game is really, really bad, especially because you look like this.

High as a kite, Drew flips out on Bianca when she looks at the clock and tells him that he’s going to miss his game. He screams at her that his friends are right about her and then takes off.

He makes it in time for the game, but somehow Dave and KC can tell he’s high.

Really, I’m not sure how. He’s so calm and collected. Mrs. Torres shows up and she must be a drug expert as well, because she can also tell that Drew is high.

Without Drew the Panthers lose the game. Drew tries to apologize to KC the next day, but I’d say their friendship is as ovah as Drew’s chances of a clean urine sample.

Drew apologizes to Bianca who doesn’t seem mad at all for him being a total turd to her. Um, yay?

Will Drew and Bianca continue to do stupid stuff in the woods? Will Riley’s parents ever accept the fact that he’s gay? Will Alli ever be able to leave her house to kick Malika’s booty? Find out on an all new episode of Degrassi next Friday at 9pm ET exclusively on MuchMusic!

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