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Degrassi Episode 4: Hootergate, hugs and hook ups!

July 22nd, 2010


Jenna gets caught spreading rumours about Clare and her ‘improvements’, Sav can’t seem to change his ways, Holly J takes advantage of a friend and Anya gets lots and lots of flowers. Find out what went down on tonight’s episode of Degrassi after the jump!

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

After losing her spot as President to faby (fake baby) daddy Sav, Holly J is trying to figure out how to still look like the over-acheiver that she is to Yale. Degrassi’s Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Suave, points out that Holly J will need to have the most slammin’ SAT scores to get into an Ivy League school (my words, she was more eloquent). To get those scores she’ll need to take private SAT tutoring…which costs 2000 big ones. Unfortch the money sitch in the Sinclair house is still pretty dire and funds for the tutor are nonexistent.

Back in Fionaland, Mrs. Coyne has agreed to let Fiona stay at Degrassi instead of returning to Vanderbilt. Schweet. I like ‘nice’ Fiona. Didn’t really like ‘crazy’ Fiona.


Fiona is ecstatic and immediately gets to work on furnishing her very own penthouse. While online shopping for $4000 credenza’s (it’s like a cabinet…I had to google it) Fiona shares the login to her bank account with Holly J. I think we see where this is going and it doesn’t involve a trip to Ikea. Holly J does the unthinkable and transfers the money for her tutor out of Fiona’s account and into her own.


Riiiiight about the time that Fiona tells Holly J that she is the best friend Fiona has ever had and is the reason she returned to Degrassi, Fiona checks her bank statement and sees that money is missing from her account. Holly J admits to the giant mental fart in judgment (more than giant – diarrhea big). Hurt, Fiona walks away from Holly J, but not before telling her former bff that if she had just asked for the money Fiona would have given it to her. Kinda saw that one comin’.


Jenna is making her way around the school telling everyone with two ears, heck, even one ear, that Clare is getting breast implants. The Grade 10 guys decide they need physical proof and send Wesley on a suicide mission to check out the goods on Clare. Wesley asks Clare if her surgery went well and then asks to touch ‘them.’ Thinking he means her eyes Clare agrees. Weird. I don’t like my own fingers touching my eyeballs let alone another person’s. (Un)fortunately (depending on whose side you’re on) he totes did not mean her eyes. Wesley gets a handful and Clare amazingly lets him live.


Now that she is aware of Jenna making a boob out of herself by spreading rumours, Clare decides to get even, first with some fake breasts and then by giving Jenna a verbal whoopin’ in gym class. My two fave parts? Jenna using the term “Hootergate” to refer to Clare’s surgery and then Clare pwn’ing Jenna after Jenna accuses Clare of getting fakes breasts to win KC back. Clare responds with “If I wanted KC back I wouldn’t need fake boobs to get him.” Oh snaps! Go Clare!


None of the guys in Clare’s class have noticed her glasses-free face, but a new student sure did. Clare drops her old classes in the parking lot, which are immediately run over by a black…hearse…driven by…sorry, I forgot my train of thought after getting lost in his eyes.


New guy also seems to be a fan of Clare. Is Clarebear getting some lurve this season? Methinks so!

It’s time to tell the school that the President and First Lady lied about their pregnancy. But during their big announcement Anya gets cold feet and blurts out that she had a miscarriage. Eeks. Anya is shocked at how nice people are being about her lie covered with another lie. I dunno, maybe it’s because you lied about something traumatic!


Now that he’s the President of Degrassi Sav is ready to make some changes, including getting back together with Anya. Sav promises Anya that their relationship will be different this time and she believes him. That is until he goes all Matrix-style on her and launches Anya across his living room when his mom gets home early.


Anya storms out of the Bhandari’s house and ends things for good. Tear to that. I liked them together, but Sav really needs to man-up already.


After millions of phone calls to Fiona (according to Holly J – seems like an overstatement), Fiona finally decides to forgive her friend. She also informs Holly J that they are switching all their classes to have the same schedule and will also become roomies for a while. I say take the offer and be happy Fiona didn’t tell Declan!


Will Sav ever stop being afraid of his parents? Will Holly J and Fiona actually be friends? Will Clare ever let Wesley gets handsy with her again? Find out next Monday night on an all new episode of Degrassi at 9pm ET only on MuchMusic!

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