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Degrassi Episode 9: Keep your hands where my eyes can see them

August 2nd, 2010

Sav get’s his dad’s trust, but for how long? Jenna is going to drastic measures to look good and Fiona finds that money can’t buy friends.

*Spoiler alert in this recap! If you missed tonight’s episode you can watch it here and read the last episode recap here!

Sav calls into a radio station and is the lucky weiner for four backstage passes to see Dead Head. Unfortch the concert is on a school night and Mr. Bhandari gave Sav the big ol ‘hellzno’ to Sav’s request to go to the concert. As the new President of Degrassi Sav has to come up with ways to fundraise for the school. Holly J suggests charging kids to enter into a contest to win the passes. Each kid has to keep their hand on a car and the last one to let go gets the passes. Sav’s dad let’s him use his new truck for the contest.

By the end of the day most of the competitors have been elimated, thanks in large part to Eli’s lack of deodorant.

Finally, with just Eli and Adam left they agree to split the four tickets. To thank Sav for the tixs they help him unload his amps from his dad’s truck. Apparently Adam hasn’t been hitting the gym very hard and drops the amp on the trucks tail light. Whoops! Adam and Eli give Sav the extra two tickets to apologize for the broken tail light and Sav is able to sell one of the tickets to Bianca for the price of a tail light. Eli is able to fix the tail light and all is well.

Sav decides to ask his dad again about going to the concert. He even has a nifty presentation to go along with his request. It looks like Sav’s dad has changed his mind until Sav gets all truthful and tells his dad about the broken tail light. Concert request = denied! Later at The Dot Sav tells Adam and Eli he won’t be able to get his dad’s truck to take everyone to the concert because he’s not allowed to go. Then Sav temporarily loses his sanity and decides to take the truck anyways. Oy. This is not gonna end well.

The photo shoot for the Degrassi cheerleader calendar is approaching and Jenna is starting to panic about her weight. Innocent comments from KC seem to be sending her over the edge. When KC mentions that he likes that Jenna isn’t one of those ‘stick girls’ that doesn’t eat she decides it’s time to become a stick girl.

She tries working out with KC, but quickly becomes frustrated that she’s not able to burn as many calories as she’s taking in. *Note – you have to either starve yourself or workout 24/7 to accomplish this goal. Neither are good ideas.

Jenna decides that it’s time to step up her weight-loss goal and approaches Bianca to buy diet pills from her. Bianca tells Jenna that the pills are only for people that are severely obese (which Jenna is not even close to), but she says she still needs them. This makes me nervous, y’all!

Fiona is still getting adjusted to life back at Degrassi. She’s living on her own and has planned a weekend of activities for her and Holly J. Holly J turns Fiona down and tells her that she’s too busy to hang out with Fiona. Fiona talks to her therapist about the situation, who points out that Fiona is trying to buy Holly J’s affection.

While spending her weekend alone shopping Fiona walks by a pig. Not really sure what to think about this, but it looks like Fiona is quite smitten with the lil stinker.

Will Holly J make time for Fiona? Will Jenna go too far with her diet and hurt herself? Will Sav ever be allowed to see the light of day after his dad finds out that he stole his truck? Will Eli start rocking some deodorant? Find out on Tuesday’s brand new episode of Degrassi at 9pm ET!

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