Degrassi Music 18: On Top of the World

August 16th, 2011

Love the music on Degrassi? Wanna find out how the amazing Music Supervisors behind your fave show pick the songs for each episode of Degrassi? MuchMusic brings you the exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop on how each song is chosen! You can listen to songs from every episode of Degrassi here!

Distance by A Common Year
Drew fights Julian and wins.

The build on this song is what sold it for the spot – it’s technically a love song, but the instrumentation powered through Drew’s chokehold and led him to victory over his opponent.

On Top of the World by Brian Hood
Drew struts through the hallway.

This was a fun placement – always love someone who struts down a hallway. The lyrics drive us inside Drew’s head. He’s feeling confident again, almost invincible…but at what cost?

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