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Degrassi Season 11 – ‘Nuff Said!

March 25th, 2011

Do I even need to say anymore? Hell yeah I do! Not only is another season heading into production, but it’s returning this summer! And once again, Degrassi will air on Monday, and on Tuesday, and on – hell, all the days up to Thursday! Four nights a week…for SEVEN WEEKS LONG! And we can even tell you when it’s coming back: July 18th! Mark that date on your calendar from now!

Plus we’ve got info on some of the new characters you’ll see this summer!

Remember how great is was last year to see Eli emerge from his hearse, Bianca writhe around in Allie’s dance club, or dreamy Drew throw a football around (actually, getting duct-tapped half-nekkid was pretty sweet too!). Summer 2011 is going to be no different as Degrassi gets set to welcome three new characters into their halls!

Joining Degrassi in season 11 is the charming heartthrob Jake Martin (Justin Kelly), who tells it like it is and tries not to break too many hearts in the process. New student Katie Matlin (Chloe Rose) is a fresh-faced athlete who plays hard on the field but is soft when it comes to matters of the heart. Fun and energetic Imogen Moreno (Cristine Prosperi) is anything but boring, but she constantly fears her one, big secret could be exposed to the entire school.

Sounds like they’ve already got juicy plots in the works to top this season’s boiler room and transgender plots! And that’s saying something! I can’t wait till the new season hits the airwaves.

And it’s EXCLUSIVELY ON MUCHMUSIC! Jump on the bandwagon now right HERE!

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