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Degrassi Season 13 Premiere Recap: Summertime

July 11th, 2013

Degrassi Summertime

It’s summertime at Degrassi, but that doesn’t mean the students are taking a break from their courses in drama. Maya is excited to spend the summer in Paris with her bestie Tristan, but when a new guy at school shows up, Maya begins to lose control of her future. Adam is upset to be spending the summer apart from Becky, while Clare gets the shock of a lifetime that changes more than just her summer plans.

Find out what happened on the Season 13 premiere of Degrassi under the jump and watch the one hour episode online HERE!

Maya and Tristan are ecstatic to be spending the summer together in Paris on a school trip, but their plan to stick together as BFFs now that Tori has moved away has a bit of a hiccup.


Maya spots a cute new boy and Tristan is befriended by West Drive TV star Zoe.


Zoe has free tickets to a concert that night and invites Tristan with Maya quickly adding herself to the guest list, worried that her new bestie will forget her in Paris.


As the new president, Drew is also in charge of the summer day camp. Imogen has signed up to be a counselor and finds one familiar face in Adam. Imogen tells Adam that she and Fiona have broken up and is felling down. Adam is also upset, worried that he and Becky will have a terrible summer since Becky is going away to Florida and he’s working at the summer camp.


Katie is getting ready for soccer camp and Maya is getting ready for Paris, managing to get permission to go to the concert that night with Tristan and Zooey.


At the concert, the bouncer refuses to believe that Maya is older than 13 and her calling him an idiot doesn’t help. Tristan abandons Maya to hang out with Zooey and Maya decides to sneak her way in.


She fails, but she does run into the new guy at school she saw that morning. His name is Miles and he’s sitting in the alley smoking weed. Red flag alert!


Miles invites Maya to watch Fefe Dobson perform from backstage and for some reason she invites the two people that ditched her.


When Maya and Zoe get into a passive aggressive fight over Tristan, Maya tells everyone that Zoe was fired from West Drive and in response, Zoe steps on Maya’s foot and causes her to throw her water on the soundboard, promptly ending the concert and getting them in trouble with security.


Everyone is finally allowed to leave and Miles gives Maya his credit card so that she can afford to take a cab and make it home in time for her curfew. Maya gets home late and smells like marijuana and her mom is understandably upset.


Mrs. Matlin doesn’t want Maya going to Paris anymore and Maya tells her mother she hates her. Katie tries to calm her sister down, but Maya is enraged and refuses to apologize, instead taking her keys and phone and Miles’ credit card and walking out of the house.


Imogen, Adam and Becky are also at the Fefe Dobson concert. Imogen begins asking Becky questions about her time away from Adam this summer and Becky gets suspicious that Imogen is interested in her boyfriend. I’m getting suspicious too. Whatchoo playin at, Imogen?


To make her point, and her territory, clear, Becky prompting inserts her tongue into Adam’s throat.


It’s the first day of camp and Becky’s last day and Imogen is all over Adam again. Becky asks Adam to stay away from Imogen and Adam finally begins to see that his old friend is being awfully friendly.


To make matters even worse, Adam and Imogen are assigned to work together as leaders of the IGUANA group. Adam asks his brother to switch him so that he can work with anyone other than Imogen, but Drew is too busy to listen to Adam complain.


Imogen and Adam are playing with the kids when they begin fighting with each other. Drew sends them outside to work things out and Adam suggests they be secret friends, but pretend they hate each other for Becky’s sake. And I think Imogen does like Adam. I’m still confused.


Katie calls Maya the next morning after the concert and learns that her sister ran off in the middle of the night and stayed at Tristan’s. She’s not ready to come home and instead decides to pay Miles a visit and return his credit card in person.


Maya gets to Miles’ house and learns that the new guy at school is the new rich guy. Miles’ dad is having a party to announce his plans to run for Mayor and Miles is keeping himself busy during the festivities by stealing liquor and hanging out with his friend Winston.


When Maya drops a bottle of liquor off the balcony and it shatters in front of all the guests, Miles’ dad verbally attacks his son, giving Maya a glimpse into a household very different from her own. Miles decides to upset his father even further by going for a swim in his suit while all the politicians are still in his backyard. Seeing the read flags, Maya realizes she can’t be around guys like Miles and runs off.


Maya comes home with flowers for her mom, who was terrified to wake up and find Maya gone. Maya apologizes to her mother and the Matlins agree to let Maya go to Paris as long as she promises to adhere to all their rules.


Maya and Tristan board the bus for Paris ready to spend a summer as besties, when they see Winston and Miles arrive. The new boys will also be going to Paris, and Zoe is quick to make sure Maya knows that Miles is off limits.


Clare, Jenna and Alli are excited about spending the summer together in Paris, but Clare’s nonstop doctors appointments are keeping the girls from talking about their trip nonstop. Clare is waiting to find out about her medical results, so Jenna and Alli try to take her mind off worrying by suggesting Clare and Eli begin spicing up their texts while Eli is away for the summer working on a film.


Eli is busy working as a production assistant on Brett’s film and Clare suggests they spice up their long distance relationship with video chat sex when he gets off work. They make a date that night for 10 pm and Clare shows off the new lingerie she bought that afternoon. Things are going awkwardly okay, until Clare’s mom knocks on her door to say that the hospital called.


The lump on Clare’s back is positive for cancer. She needs to be at the hospital the next day to start treatment for chemotherapy. Clare comes back to her room to find Eli naked on screen. She cancels their sex date and tells Eli about her cancer. Eli immediately begins packing to come home, but Clare stops him, telling Eli she’ll be sitting in a hospital bed and will be even more upset if Eli quits his dream job.


Clare arrives for her six weeks in the hospital instead of six weeks in Paris and manages to keep her spirits high. Things go downhill when she puts on her gown and Clare begins to realize that she’ll be feeling like a patient for a long time.


Clare packs up her bags and walks into the hall and calls Eli, leaving him a message that she’s scared and needs him to come home. Her phone call worked fast, with Eli showing up that moment. Annnnnnd the tears are streaming. Eli convinces Clare to stay and begin receiving the treatment, but that doesn’t make swallowing a 70% survival rate much easier.


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