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Degrassi Spotlight on Riley, Anya and Zane!

August 25th, 2010

The Summer Finale is almost here! It’s time to get caught up with the students of Degrassi and get you ready for the biggest finale ever! Today we look at Riley, Anya and Zane!

There is only one episode of Degrassi left until the huge summer finale on Thursday August 26 at 9pm ET! You don’t want to miss a second of the action! Watch Degrassi Monday – Thursday nights at 9pm ET on MuchMusic!

Anya MacPherson

Past: Anya was Holly J’s best friend throughout most of high school, even though Holly J spent most of their time together being mean to Anya. Anya started dating Sav in grade 10 and their relationship continued throughout most of high school, even though the frequently broke up. Anya’s main issue with Sav is that he won’t tell his parents about her because she is not Muslim. Sav’s parents have arranged a marriage for him to a Muslim girl, but Sav and Anya believed they would be able to change his parents minds. When Sav and Anya break up in grade eleven Sav dates Leia and Anya dates Riley. Anya and Riley decide to just be friends and she gets back together with Sav. Sav and Anya sleep together at the prom because Anya is worried she is going to lose Sav to the girl he is arranged to marry. Anya lies about taking birth control and later takes the morning after pill. As a result of this Sav feels like he can’t trust Anya and breaks up with her for good.

This season: When Holly J became desperate to get Sav out of the running for Degrassi’s president she enlisted the help of Anya. Anya, still hurt that Sav broke up with her last year, agreed to pretend she was pregnant to scare Sav. Anya ended up telling Sav the truth and they temporarily got back together. Anya has been spending most of the school year hanging out with Riley, who has been supportive while Anya’s mother has been going through cancer treatment.

Did you know: Not only is Anya a member of the Power Squad, but Samantha Munro is also trained in gymnastics!

You can follow Anya and Samantha Munro on Twitter!

Riley Stavros

Past: Riley battled with his sexuality throughout much of high school. He started taking steriods, hoping they would help make him straight, and as a result became extremely violent. He pursued treatment to ‘cure’ him of being gay, but decided against it at the last minute. His friends Peter and Anya have been extremely supportive of Riley and Anya encouraged Riley to pursue a relationship with Zane when they all took yoga together. Riley hasn’t come out publicly to his friends or family.

This season: Riley and Zane spent the summer together, but with football season starting Riley doesn’t want the team to know that he’s gay. He tries to keep it a secret and even loses his position as QB1 when he hazes Drew after Drew threatens to out him to the team. Eventually, to win Zane back Riley comes out to the team and the school and even to the football scout that offers Riley a scholarship to Eastern. The only people Riley has not come out to are his family.

Did you know: Argiris and Shannon, who play Riley and Zane, were actually friends before they became co-stars on Degrassi!

You can follow Riley and Argiris Karras on Twitter!

Zane Park

Past: Degrassi fans first met Zane in Season 9. He was in a yoga class with Riley and Anya and eventually got Riley to come out of his shell when they attended a dance together.

This season: Zane, who is openly gay, became the kicker for Degrassi’s football team. He has suffered homophobic jokes from his teammates and has struggled with his relationship with Riley. Riley finally came out to his team and he and Zane are now officially a couple.

Did you know: Shannon Kook-Chun, who plays Zane, is not Canadian! Shannon grew up in South Africa and even has an accent that he covers up while playing Zane!

You can follow Zane on Twitter!

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