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Demi Lovato is a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist

June 6th, 2014


Demi Lovato was a guest on the Late Show with Seth Meyers to discuss her new world tour, but quickly the conversation changed. Demi expressed her belief in other worldly beings.

In the hilarious interview Demi discusses her belief in aliens and then goes on the talk about mermaids. Demi has clearly done her research on the topic and believes that mermaids are a species of aliens. According to Demi, the mermaids are somewhere in the Indian Ocean, where humans have never searched. The singer, who showed off her new purple and silver hair, says that Christopher Columbus even encoutered three mermaids when he traveled to America. The source of Demi’s knowledge of mermaids is the mockumentary Mermaids: The New Evidence that aired on Animal Planet. At the end of the tv special there was a disclaimer that it was in fact fictional. Demi admits to being a conspiracy theory enthusiast and the enthusiasm she speaks with when it comes to mermaids is adorable.

You can watch the interview and Seth’s disbelieving reaction below. Don’t worry Demi I believe you. Nothing would please me more than to know that Ariel is real.


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