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Diane Keaton doesn’t know how to play beer pong

April 30th, 2014

diane beer

Playing beer pong with actress Diane Keaton is like playing with the most clueless aunt ever. It’s endearing, yes, but she’s totally missing the point of the game.

On last night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon and Keaton attempted a game of beer pong and it appeared that everything was okay at first, with Fallon explaining the rules pretty clearly. But when it came time for Keaton to start the game, she whips the ping pong ball at Fallon in a mean move. Okay fine, perhaps she was just playing around. When Fallon took his turn, though, Keaton catches the ball instead of letting it go into the cup…and then she takes a drink. Wait, what? We’re thoroughly confused.

What ensued afterwards was even worse, just Fallon and Keaton chasing each other around the ping pong table as they fling entire baskets of ping pong balls at each other. Guys…this is not how you play beer pong!

giphy (20)

Watch the entire clip below and be sure to tune in for more Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weekdays at 3E/12P on Much!

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