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Directing Chops that Pop: Joss Whedon

April 15th, 2010

Joss Whedon - Director Supreme?

The rumour mills are churning everywhere – even though a final deal hasn’t been announced, Joss Whedon’s name is popping up everywhere as the lead man to direct 2012’s The Avengers movie (I soooo can’t wait for this movie!!)

We all love his writing style (tell me, who does not love Whedon’s one-liners or love triangles? Buffy/Angel/Spike anyone?) but can he direct Marvel’s mightiest on the big screen?

He doesn’t sport tons of movie cred, but he has directed a number of his shows. Here are the Top Five Whedon Directing Chops that Pop:

Number 5: Who Are You?
This Buffy Season 4 episode was the second of a two-parter, but with a twist – evil vampire slayer Faith switched bodies with our heroine, and Joss Whedon showed both comedy and angst directing Buffy as the bad girl and Faith as the goody-hero. Fav Directing Chop: the jump cuts of Buffy acting as Faith, trying to mask her evil smile as she mocks Buffy’s heroic one-liners in front of a mirror.

Number 4: A Hole in the World
One of Angel’s saddest episodes was Season 5’s death of Winifred “Fred” Burkle. Fred, infected with a demonic virus, dies in Wesley’s arms as a demon takes over her body. Fav Directing Chop: the shot of Fred’s final breaths, looking up at Wesley asking, “Why can’t I stay?” (sniff, sniff….excuse me a moment……).

Number 3: Hush
Probably one of the freakiest episodes ever written (and given an Emmy nod), the slayer’s Season 4 silent episode had almost no dialogue for the entire hour. The Gentlemen take away the ability to speak, so the characters have to rely on physical actions to communicate in order to save the day. Fav Directing Chop: Buffy motioning staking the big bads to kill them and everyone else interpreting something more embarrassing…

Number 2: Serenity – the Movie
Yes, I know – this isn’t a show…but come on! It’s his only movie to date, and it was incredibly awesome. The shots of epic space fights, the silent planet Miranda, Summer Glau’s wonderfully inappropriate facial expressions and dialogue; it was all cinematic gold! Fav Directing Chop: Mal, Inara and the assassin in the misleading incense/explosive scene.

Number 1: Once More with Feeling
The cream of the crop, also earning Whedon another Emmy nod, was the musical episode of Buffy’s 6th season. Take all your favourite monster-fighting characters, and have them sing and dance as they the creatures that go bump in the night – what’s not to love!?! Fav Directing Chop: Waaaaaay too many to name – Spike serenading Buffy during a funeral, Willow and Tara dancing from a park into a bedroom, Anya’s surprise Bunny song – the list goes on and on.

What do you think of Joss Whedon’s directing skills?

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