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disBAND: Cookie Couture Update

November 25th, 2008


Been wondering what yo gurls from Cookie Couture have been up to since the show aired? How convenient, cause they just sent us the news from cookieland:

Hey y’all rock starz!!!! It’s Stacey (aka Raw Cookie) from Cookie Couture!

Well what can I say? Life has been amazing since our episode on disBAND! If you missed it, watch it here.

The night it first aired was definitely very exciting. We couldn’t wait to see all of the shooting and hard work come together on television. To celebrate, we had a Cookie Couture Premiere Party at my house for all of our friends and family. Of course, being the goofball that I am, I had to decorate the house “Cookie style” in pink and black balloons and streamers and posters everywhere!

It was so sick to see ourselves on MuchMusic. The episode turned out great and we all were so pumped. All our friends and family were screaming and cheering for the entire half hour. We definitely taped it and played it over and over again alllllllll night. Ha ha!

So here’s what the cookies have been up to since. For everyone whos watched our episode, you know that Cookie Couture was NOT told to disband!!! Yayyy! :) Let me tell you, when we were standing in front of the judges waiting to hear what they had to say about our performance, it was definitely terrifying…my heart was beating so fast LOL… And when we got the thumbs up, we were ESCTATIC! We were jumping around like a bunch of kids on a sugar high because we were so stoked. After a week of intense challenges, surprises, celebrity encounters, and a last-minute injury, we were so relieved to hear the judge’s unanimous, positive response. It was so amazing to hear from a panel of very important and respected industry judges that Cookie Couture truly does have what it takes to make it.

Ever since our episode on MuchMusic aired we have had some great feedback from friends, family, and fans. disBAND definitely gave us a lot of great exposure. Our MySpace hits went up and we have had a lot of people contacting us to do shows, tours and a lot of interviews. Just recently, Cookie Couture recorded a new Flow 93.5 radio interview and there was also an article on Cookie Couture and Blake McGrath on the So You Think You Can Dance Canada website! Soooooooo exciting! :)


We’ve also been very lucky to have the opportunity to continue working with our guru – the amazing and talented Greig Nori. Greig was so much fun to work with on the show, and even more fun to work with after the show. He is such a great guy, and we really appreciate his support and help getting us out into the industry over these past couple weeks.

So you ask, what are Cookies up to now? We’ve been working hard trying to get ourselves out there. disBAND was amazing exposure and exactly what we needed to give us that extra push to keep striving for stardom. We’re still working hard on finishing our album, choreographing hot new routines, and doing shows all over Toronto, soooooo keep your eyes open for us alright??? ;)

On behalf of all the Cookies, I want to thank everyone for all the overwhelming support and love we’ve gotten from y’all, especially from our family, friends, and fans. It has definitely been so amazing and we really appreciate it. And thanks again to MuchMusic for giving us this amazing opportunity to show the world what we’ve got! ;)

Don’t forget to check out our MySpace for updated information, new songs and new video blogs.

Hope to see ya soon, and Cookiez luv y’all!
Keep Rockin’ Out ;)

Stacey from Cookie Couture

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