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disBAND: Credible Witness

March 17th, 2009


[Watch a new episode of disBAND Tuesday – that’s tonight! – at 6pm ET. And if you miss it, it’ll be online for you to watch later this week. Check out what the band had to say about their experience on the show! – Kat]

Credible Witness here!…welcome to the life of C-DUBS!!! Granted you’re going to be watching our episode tonight (you better be), you’re probably going to learn a lot about us, but the sad thing is we’re not going to learn much about you!!!

With that said, we had an unbelievable experience working with MuchMusic and Greig Nori. As far as we have come as a band, and all the lessons we have been able to learn along the way, Greig has taught us what being a band is all about and that holds more merit than getting thumbs up or down from 3 judges could ever possess.

You might find this episode is a little different than the others in the past and were happy to be bringing something different to the table, it’s what we as a band are all about. We had the pleasure of MuchMusic and Greig coming to our houses, meeting our families, messing up our rooms, making fun of our clothes, and getting to know us personally. We hope after watching our episode you feel welcome to stop by our MySpace and drop us a line, give our NEW songs a listen, and tell us what you think of the episode and the outcome of what happened to us at MuchMusic. Now we can’t tell you what happened because that would ruin all the fun, so catch the band and Greg, shopping, jamming and doing doughnuts in Ryan’s 1981 Chevette. We hope to get to know ALL of you…

Credible Witness’s hard work didn’t stop at a trip to Toronto, we’ve taken the wise words of our guru and hit the studio to bring you our most current work, some of which has been produced by the likes of Cone from Sum 41 (that’s right we were in his house, even used his toilet!). Future plans for us are just as exciting as NASCAR…wait bad example, well it’s exciting we can say that much. We’re heading to Toronto to produce/record/finish our 6 song Ep with Cone and possibly (hopefully) Greig Nori as well.

Talks of a tour in summer/fall is in the works, and we will be sure to keep all of you posted with up to date news on the MySpace, so drop by!!!

We would like to thank MuchMusic for having us aboard, our extremely talented producer Jacqueline Peres. We would like to thank our manager (the best manager) Rob Karagovski for all the help and time off whenever we needed it. We would like to thank Trevor Boris, Dave the camera guy, Greig Nori, that really good looking receptionist that we hit on for about 2 hours at MuchMusic, and most of all…every single fan that came to support us on Jan 25th (especially those who experienced the horrible bus ride there and back….we are sorry!) and Mark for dancing to our music the entire show.


-Matt, Mike, Ryan, Walter

MySpace: Credible Witness

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