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Discovered Ep. 1: A fired drummer, a lost van and a whole lot of snow

August 17th, 2011

“This is a rock documentary.” That’s exactly it. MuchMusic’s original series is back with a whole new season to showcase the journey of six bands over the course of six months, trying to make it in the industry. The premiere began with a sneak peek into what the season will entail and it looks like these bands are willing to go through anything to achieve their dreams. Last night’s episode introduced three of the six bands: Slow Motion Victory, Brett Boivin, and Brighter Brightest.

Slow Motion Victory’s Drama

These boys from Brantford were hand picked by the fans to be one of the six bands featured on the show. This might explain the go-getter vibe that the band exuded throughout the episode, because they still needed an industry approval. While most of their time was shown in the basement rehearsing, it was clear that there were some struggles to overcome. One of which came in the form of a drummer named Binx. The band felt like Binx did not mesh well enough with the direction of where the band wanted to take their music to, thus leaving it to Slow Motion Victory manager Britain Lovsin to break the bad news. As any other rock star would have done, Binx flipped out as the band made the decision to take his dream away without consulting him first. Do you think the boys could have handled the situation differently? This is all, however, part of what it takes to pursue that once in a lifetime opportunity. Slow Motion Victory felt like Chris Taylor, a drummer who has played with many artists, would be an upgrade to the band.

Brett Boivin Performs Live

The cute sixteen year old from Winnipeg is the only solo act on Discovered. Being the only musical guy in his school has proved that Brett is also willing to chase after his dreams. All it took was his dad to show him three chords on the guitar. Brett’s producer describes him as a ladies’ man with that sweet voice of his and it was hard not to agree. As Brett practiced for an upcoming gig at Shannon’s Irish Pub, Greig Nori flew in to see what the cutie had to offer. There was no doubt that Brett had a powerful singing voice, but as Greig watched, he critiqued the young artist on his lack of tune and strength. Although he messed up on one of the songs that he played the most during his gig, Brett felt more at ease as his first mistake was over and done with .

Brighter Brightest Travels

The best friends from Aurora had their game plan as soon as the cameras were rolling. The boys were getting ready to record an album and started on its pre-production. Their manager, Ian Stanger, really believes in the hard work that this band will put in because of their experience around the industry. Greig Nori made a stop by band practice and was treated to a performance. Greig felt that this band deserved his help and advice because they are on their grind! He is not the only one who feels this way because a Producer Machine, who has worked with everyone from Gym Class Heroes to Lamb of God, is helping the band with the production of their album. So Brighter Brightest packed up everything they could squeeze into a van and drove all the way to New Jersey. They got lost on their way, but did not panic as they sung through their trouble with some fun singing exercises and finally made it to their hotel.

Will Slow Motion Victory finally feel like a band after replacing Binx? What will Greig Nori put Brett Boivin through? How will the debut Brighter Brightest album, Right For Me, sound after spending a month in New Jersey? All of those questions will be answered on the upcoming season of Discovered.

Next week, the episode will take a look at the last three bands: For the Weekend, Colorsound, and Nightbox. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 10 EST!


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