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Discovered Ep. 4: When in doubt, run around in your boxers

September 7th, 2011

Continuing on their journey to make it in the industry, last night’s episode delivered the ups and downs of For The Weekend, Brett Boivin, and Slow Motion Victory. Check out what went down on last night’s episode of Discovered under the jump!

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For The Weekend Gets Beaten Up

Not every dad can sleep through loud music, so another kiss on the cheek from Jay to his dad for being so supportive and letting the guys jam! (How cute was that?)

Just another band practice where Greig Nori decides to drop by and tear the band into shreds, right? No big deal. But let’s hide in the van and run out in our boxers first. This band definitely has personality going on. It was difficult to watch Greig give the guys tough love at the Saddledome because he thought there was nothing different about them as they modeled their music and moves after other bands such as Abandon All Ships. Greig also felt their songwriting skills were not enough of a focus. When the ‘ambulance’ didn’t come to their rescue after Greig threw his verbal punches, the band headed to Slaughterhouse Studios with a new song, started by Cody! As determined as they were, Greig now thinks that the band has moved too far away from their hardcore sound.

Brett Boivin Invites a Friend

After seeing Brett perform live, Greig thought that he should have a variety in his set since there were too many ballads. He wanted to hear Brett’s fast songs. We quickly learned that Brett can do more than ballads.

But there was something lacking, so Greig suggested that an accompaniment should play alongside Brett. With a person in mind, Brett texted Mr-Im-Busy-Tonight and got blown off for a party. Too bad he is going to live in regret because Brett’s other friend, Johnny Holmes, took his spot! The boys rehearsed standing up, which made Greig realize that it made the music sound a lot better. At La Garage Café, Brett and Johnny put on an awesome performance, which led Greig to witness a change that finally makes him think that Brett really can do something in this industry.

Slow Motion Victory Butt Heads

The band was rehearsing at Rehearsal Factory in Toronto with their new drummer, Chris Taylor and of course Greig made another surprise appearance and began watching and taking notes. He picked the band’s best three songs, Everything, Forever, and Life in Motion, and gave them some critiques.

The next rehearsal took place at DC Music and Greig brought along Jesse Colburn, a producer, songwriter, and past guitarist of Avril Lavigne. His opinion was along the same lines as Greig and Jesse also noticed that the band was kind of generic. As the two masterminds nit pick through a song, Toby begins to go ballistic.

He felt as if his heart and soul were being played with as his grasp of the band was beginning to wear off. He didn’t like any of the changes that were being made to his song and caused more fighting within the band. Through all those beeps, Greig came to a conclusion that Toby must be going through something.

How will For The Weekend impress Greig Nori next? Will Brett continue to expand? What will it take for Slow Motion Victory to get back on track? Find out on this season of Discovered.

Next week, the episode features Brett Boivin at a larger venue, Nightbox’s big opportunity, and Brighter Brightest says goodbye to Machine. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST!


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