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Discovered Ep. 5: Don’t be a bonehead on stage

September 14th, 2011

As their dreams become more of a reality, last night’s episode focused on the process of how Brighter Brightest, Brett Boivin, and Nightbox will reach their goals.

Brighter Brightest is Done, Son!

No no, the band is not over, but they are finished working with Machine! The band’s New Jersey adventure ended on a high note as they had the best time recording with Machine.

Isn’t he just the most hands on producer we’ve seen? Machine does not just sit there and let the boys do it all, he gets in there and it seems as if he is a part of the band.

It was the first day of recording vocals for Derek so Machine really made him feel at ease by singing along and telling him what works and what doesn’t.

Everything went amazing and it was all rock star material! As the month wraps up, the band packed all their stuff into the white van and began to say their goodbyes to Machine. Hugs to everyone for their dedication to the music! At the end of the episode we see the band reflect on their time together and how everything is coming along.

Brett Boivin Moves On Up

It’s a change of scenery for Brett when he lands in Toronto!

There was some bad news he had to tell Greig Nori and it was that he got sick since the last time they were together and was not able to work on anything. Greig was slightly disappointed, but he still pushed for Brett to book an event at the Opera House.

After calling Dante, the promoter, Brett was sent on a mission to sell tickets for his show. If he sells his 20 tickets, he will be moved up to a later time slot so that more people will get to see him. Brett accepted his challenge and got right into it. The concierge took Brett to meet a fan, who was eating at the hotel.

The girl recognized Brett from YouTube and his first ticket was sold! When it came time for the gig, Brett told Dante he had sold his tickets and he was moved up to the 9 pm slot! Everything was going well until he strummed his first chord. In the words of Greig, Brett you are a bonehead for not tuning your guitar before you went on stage!

Even with the minor set the night went great, but Greig made sure Brett knew to not try getting on stage with an out of tune guitar again. Just to be on the safe side, Greig surprised Brett with a completely new guitar!

Nightbox Gets Krafty

The recording session at Giant Studios continued. Andrew and James Shelly explained to us what they think indie music is versus their music. One of their influences included MSTRKRFT, thus the opportunity to work with Al-P from MSTRKRFT was something the band appreciated.

Jake explained his process of song writing and how he feels weird when it comes to singing. His soulful voice proves otherwise as he started to record his vocals and it sounded remarkable!

Half of the band is from Ireland and on last night’s episode they talked about making plans to go back to visit for a while the recording is finished. The final mix came together after Al-P gave it his magic touch and the boys were proud.

What is next for Brighter Brightest and Machine? Will Brett ever forget his tuner again? What will Nightbox’s end result sound like? Find out on this season of Discovered.

Next week, the episode features Slow Motion Victory as their drama continues, Colorsound gets to record in Toronto, and For The Weekend gets on a bus. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST!


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