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Discovered Ep. 6: The wheels on the bus don’t always go round and round

September 23rd, 2011

On this weeks episode of Discovered we saw For The Weekend, Slow Motion Victory and Coloursound prove that they’ll do whatever it takes to make it in the music biz.

Slow Motion Victory Is A Family

After having many heated arguments during last rehearsal, Greig Nori took the band out for a meeting to discuss what was going on with Toby without him. Although the band picked apart their lead singer, it was only tough love.

To get straight to the problem, Greig took Toby out to a German bakery. He wanted to show him that this spot could be his home away from home. Toby revealed why he was so tough on the band. It’s because this band is his baby and it’s all he has. “At the end of the day, they have families to go back to but I have to start from the trenches again.” Greig thinks that Toby needs to trust in what he is doing.

The band regrouped and all is well as they played a show at Jackerhammer’s Night Club in Brantford. Two hundred people showed up, including a booking agent. He wanted to see what all the hype was about surrounding Slow Motion Victory. The boys definitely proved they’ve got what it takes, playing an awesome show. Even if the balloon plan didn’t work, the band is back on track!

For The Weekend Is Stoked On A Bus

“Let’s do this!” The boys got themselves packed and ready to go to Toronto. Dennis explained it was better and cheaper for them to take a bus, even though Greig Nori advised them not to. With their neck pillows, sandwiches, and GPS handy, it was goodbye Calgary, hello Toronto!

The bus made many stops along the way and that meant the boys had time to get up to shenanigans. In Medicine Hat, Alberta, Dennis changed into his snowflake pajamas and showed us how easy it was to sleep on a sink. While going through Winnipeg, the bus got rear ended! This extended the trip even longer and the boys had to wait for another bus. Greig called in with a “told you so” as the boys predicted. When the new bus arrived the boys boarded and continued on to Toronto. They finally arrived to their destination and made their way to the hotel. The boys wasted no time to get familiar with the hotel and made their way to the swimming pool. What better way to end it with some bare bums from the lovely Myles and Dennis.

Colorsound Records In Toronto

The boys arrived on time for their surprise from Greig Nori. It was Séb from Simple Plan! This was a big deal for the band who see Simple Plan as their idols and inspiration. The boys brought their demo for Séb to listen to and he was impressed with their level of musical abilities.

With Simple Plan and Colorsound both being from Quebec, Eric questioned about songs being written in English versus French. Séb knew exactly what that meant as Simple Plan gets asked the same question. For now, it’s better to stick to what works. It was time for the boys to head to Toronto in their suspicious looking white van. After arriving and settling in, the boys got to work as they headed to B Town Studio to record Love Me. The boys got the job done and Greig was impressed. It was the first time for Antoine to record in a studio and he had some difficulties, but he worked through it and got it done! The next day, Eric recorded his vocals and premiered a new song to Greig that he loved and said this is the type of song that Virgin Radio would play. Good thing Colorsound is never tired when it comes to music because Greig (and all of us) thinks five more songs like the new one would be great!

Is Slow Motion Victory ready for more rehearsals? What craziness will For The Weekend get up to in Toronto? Will Colorsound get another spin on Virgin Radio? Find out on this season of Discovered.

Next week, the episode features Brett Boivin meeting Justin Nozuka, Brighter Brightest on a photo shoot, and Nightbox gets confused on stage. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST!


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