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Discovered Ep. 7: Famous Faces

September 29th, 2011

Brett Boivin gets help from a famous singer, Nightbox end the year on a sour note and Brighter Brightest get their mugs in a magazine. Find out what happened on this weeks episode of Discovered!

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Brett Boivin Gets Some Company

The good stuff just keeps on coming for Brett as Greig Nori reveals that he is going to meet Justin Nozuka! This was a big deal for Brett because Justin Nozuka is the whole reason why music is what he is going after instead of playing basketball. Greig advised Brett to tell the Canadian artist many stories and ask as many questions.

They met up at Coalition Music in Toronto and Brett began to perform. The song called Out of My Hands was originally about a drug addiction, but changes were made after Brett’s producer told him to make it more age-relatable. “This is what is wrong with the music industry.” Justin agreed with Greig and he also felt like by changing the meaning of the song, you are denying what the song has to offer. That is some deep stuff, Justin. Throughout Brett’s performance, Justin had his eyes closed, big smiles and nodding. All good signs because Brett did an awesome job!

Greig and Justin lets Brett know that “people really feel it” and that he can really go somewhere with this. Justin had a heart to heart conversation with Brett and it really got to him. Greig wanted to see what Brett would sound like if he played with a band so at Rehearsal Factory, Greig brought in a band for Brett to play with. At first, he thought this was going to be a trainwreck and although it felt weird for Brett, everything went great!

Nightbox Don’t Go Out With A High Note

Before some of the lads head back to Ireland, it was the last gig of 2010 at Sneaky Dee’s. This was a reflective time for the band as heading back to Ireland made them think of the whole reason why they were out in Toronto doing what they love.

Some had education plans and others thought this was something temporary. The band had only been together for about a year so it’s easy to understand the frustration. For now, the plan is to finish their EP by showcase time. The show began and James Shelly’s laptop took a dump on stage, also known as a technical malfunction. Due to their music being synth driven, this technical difficulty meant they had to cut the set short. The band was really pissed off. This was the last show of 2010 and it happened to be the worst.

Sometimes when your laptop decides to take a dump, there is really nothing you can do! Perhaps Santa Claus can deliver the band a new laptop, right Andrew? It was almost Christmas time as some of the boys journeyed back to Ireland. They met up with their family and friends and did a lot of catching up. Apparently they brought back Canada with them as having that much snow in Ireland was not normal. Neither is swimming at a really cold beach but that’s tradition for James Shelly! Andrew can’t wait to get back to Toronto to work on their music.

Brighter Brightest Has A Stamp of Credibility

The deadline was Monday and it was Sunday when the boys hurried to get a photo shoot done for a magazine called Alternative Press.

This has been on their list of things to do for quite some time and thanks to the fans reaching out to Alternative Press, the band earned a spot in the magazine. After making sure all of them were not wearing plaid, the photo shoot was done by their friend, Brookes. It’s hard to remember that these boys just got back from New Jersey and already there was more work. At Derek’s apartment there was much to be done. They began moving stuff into a real studio so that Greig could come over and hear the new songs.

Greig really enjoyed what the band played for him. Now all they need is to work on performing these songs live. At London Music Hall, it’s Greig’s first time seeing them perform so he brought a friend, Ian Blackwood of the band The Artist Life, to watch something amazing. The show proved a lot to Greig as he felt Derek’s voice got stronger, their songs had substance and they were “honest.” All of this was great prep for the upcoming showcase. What made them more legit was when they went to HMV to pick up copies of Alternative Press.

How will Brett adjust to playing with a band? What does it take for Nightbox to redeem themselves? What other stuff is on Brighter Brightest’s list of things to do? Find out on this season of Discovered.

Next week, the episode features For The Weekend in Toronto with Dan Kanter, Colorsound has Greig Nori meet Antoine’s brother, and Slow Motion Victory records with more band troubles. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 10 PM EST!


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