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PLL Episode 9: Do Not Mess with Hanna Marin!

December 28th, 2010

Instead of three men in tights, it’s four pretty girls with a secret sharing the “all for one and one for all” idea. When they get locked in their school during a storm the girls need to stick together as “A” decides to let some of their secrets out!

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The students at Rosewood High are on lock down without power as they arrive to write their SATs. Instead of freaking out over last minute facts and study notes, they hear about Alison’s memorial. What a perfect day for police investigator Darren Wilden to start cracking his whip and target our favourite pretty little liars.

Emily is the first to say she was studying with the girls, with Aria quick to back her up even though she knows her friend is lying. When they ask where she really was, Emily gets a text from “A” to find something in the back of the library. She leaves them without an answer and finds is a letter she wrote to Alison a few days before she was killed.

The students are led to the school locker rooms in case something smashes through the library windows and knocks them upside the head; ‘cause we won’t take unconsciousness as an excuse for missing those SATs. Someone uses this time to take aim at Emily in the library, flinging books at her and stealing her bag and the letter.

Aria’s mother Ella is also at the school (as an SAT teaching aid) and it seems that’s the only time she gets to see her daughter as Aria is ignoring her since she moved out. Spencer finally introduces her boyfriend to her mother only to find out they have a secret history, something her boyfriend refuses to tell her about. Hanna discovers that fellow queen bee Mona has been buying her purses online and laughs about it with nerdy Lucas.

And this is why I love Hanna. She not only defends Lucas to Mona (with one of the best lines in the episode, referencing the Wizard of Oz!) but she also goes out of her way to comfort Emily when they finally find her. Not knowing why she lied about studying, she tells Emily it’s okay to tell Spencer and Aria about Maya if that’s where she was – they’ll all still care about her. My God, isn’t that just the thing you need to hear from your friends? I love Hanna.

Aria, bored with the lockdown, sneaks off with Noel and the two have a musical moment together – Noel playing the guitar as Aria sings. And yes, that is her real voice – the actress sings for real – check it out. Things turn sexy and they lean in for a kiss. Enter Ezra: back from New York and standing in the doorway, ruining Noel’s chances of getting any tongue. Ezra tries to talk but Aria says they’re done. She leaves to find Noel and arranges a second date. In another twist of events, Ezra and Ella find each other in the darkened halls of the school and bond over how much Aria means to them.

Whoever stole Emily’s bag handed it over to Darren and he questions the girls again and reveals Emily’s secret. Emily and Alison were more than just friends, but when Emily tried to kick it up a notch, Alison told her she was “just practice”. Hurt, Emily wrote a pissed-off letter to Alison and then POOF! Alison disappears and winds up dead. They also find pictures of Emily at the trashed memorial and pieces of the fountain in her bag. Darren also points out her muddy shoes from the damage.

And this is why I truly, truly love Hanna again. She really is the type of friend I need! While the other girls are in shock over what the investigator tells them, Hanna does not miss a beat! She literally screams at the officers to leave Emily alone – screams at them again for outing their friend – then the kicker – ultimately threatens to rip Darren’s head off if he doesn’t leave her alone and give her back her personal things! Do Not Mess With Hanna Marin!

Spencer’s mom arrives to take them home and threatens Darren again for questioning minors without an adult present. Aria comforts Emily and proves Hanna right – they will accept her no matter what she feels for whom. Emily explains she never got to say sorry for the letter and went to the memorial to apologize privately. But it had already been attacked by then and Emily took the only intact pieces to remember Alison.

And since this is getting to the end of the episode, the storm clears up and everyone’s ready to go home. Spencer confronts her mother about Alex and learns her mother has cancer. Alex found out about it at the club and kept her secret. Lucas comes to tell Hanna that Mona actually left him alone. Hanna of course says ‘don’t worry, that’s what friends do’ (don’t you just love her! My gosh!). But, when the camera pans down we notice his muddy shoes a la Emily and realize he may be the one who trashed the memorial.

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…Don’t Miss A Single Secret From Pretty Little Liars!

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