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DO NOT WANT: Lady Sovereign’s Blatant Ripoff Of The Cure’s “Close To Me”

March 5th, 2009

I had to force myself to turn caps lock off and compose myself for long enough to type out this post, cause I’m kinda foaming at the mouth right now. I used to be a real fan of Lady Sovereign, even when she was abusing the “S-O-V” spellout of her name in her early songs and acting like a little brat in general – we still loved her. But her new single So Human has achieved a level of bogosity (yes, a word) that I had thought was impossible until this point.

Apparently Lady Sovereign has cleared the use of both the melody, instrumentation AND lyrics from The Cure‘s Close To Me for the new single, but this seems a little TOO close to the original song to not merit being called outright what it is: a cover version. There’s just no way that So Human can claim to be an original piece of work. Just none. Yes, there’s a real lack of originality these days – we already knew that. It’s just a terrible shame that Lady Sovereign, who I long thought was bursting with originality and creativity. This just screams “weak”. What do you think? At what point is a song no longer sampling an original clip, but outright copying it (without attributing credit)?

Lady Sovereign uses Robert Smith’s original lyrics – granted, they’re not the most original but they’re sung in the same melody, even: I’ve waited hours for this / I’ve made myself so sick / I wish I’d stayed asleep today

Compare to the original song by The Cure.

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