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DO NOT WANT: Ramona Movie

March 4th, 2009


I just got over the fact that Hollywood is remaking The NeverEnding Story, and now THIS: Ginnifer Goodwin, John Corbett and Bridget Moynahan will star in a movie based on the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary – a.k.a. some of my most beloved childhood stories. NO! Let me tell you what is wrong with this situa-sheeyon.

Listen. If you’re going to bastardize a classic story, you better do it well. If you make a movie worthy of the Cleary/Ramona name, I will congratulate you and be happy for you. But if you make an embarrassment of Wee Quimby, you will be harpooned.

I’m not sure what I think of the casting. Ginnifer Goodwin will play Ramona’s beloved Aunt Bea; my current beef with this is that I did NOT like Ginnifer in He’s Just Not That Into You. Bad reason, I know – it was really her character’s fault. If she redeems herself, then cool. Bridget Moynahan will play Ramona’s mom. Do you really think her mom was that hot?! Not sure who’s gonna play Ramona, but obviously this is integral to your success.

Anyway, I’ve just about had it with the rampant rehashing of old ideas in movies… is it lazy? Do people want it? Although, as an aside, I would totally watch a Saturday morning cartoon of Super Fudge.

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