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Don’t Write Off A McKanye Collab. Remember The Grey Album?

August 18th, 2014


The web is buzzing with rumous that two of the biggest names in popular music are secretly collaborating. Paul McCartney and Kanye West. What we do know, kind of, from the NY Post’s sources is that the pair are working on songs that may end up on an album and one of them may be called Piss On My Grave. Apparently Kim doesn’t get that one and I don’t think she is alone. What adds evidence to these rumours is Paul’s appearance at a Kanye show earlier this summer and the fact that he did say he wants to work with Kanye one day.

I’m very very interested in what comes out of this match-up but I don’t think everyone else is so excited. Whether you ride or die by either of them you might wonder, “why would Paul tarnish his representation with that d-bag?” or “why would Kanye jeopardize his ground breaking image by working with a member of old music?” But, I wish to present you with Exhibit A of how this could be amazing. It is called The Grey Album.


In 2004, the musician and producer Danger Mouse created one of the best mash-up albums of all time, combining Jay-Z’s The Black Album and The Beatles’ The Beatles aka The White Album. Sure, Paul McCartney is not The Beatles and Kanye West isn’t Jay-Z but it is a great example of how progressive hip-hop can fit very well with the catchy melodies of good old fashioned pop rock. Although Jay-Z’s versus were released for people to make mash-ups and remixes with, it was made without the authorization of any of the Beatles. But it did end up getting approval from Jay-Z, Paul McCartney and Ringo Star.

Check out the music video for the Encore mash-up, also known as The Grey Video:

The album was incredibly succesful at bringing new life to the already genius works of both of the artists. It has become arguably the most famous and critically acclaimed mash-up project of all time. So put your diamonds in the sky for the possibility of the McKanye collab. At the very least it won’t be boring.

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