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Drake’s Lint Roller and Other Celeb Products We Want To See

May 1st, 2014

Lint Roller

Drake made headlines around the world last week when he was spotted staying so fresh and so clean at a Raptors game. The Ambassador for the Toronto NBA team was caught on camera vigorously lint rolling his pants during a playoff game between the Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets because…well, I don’t know why, but you get down with your bad self, Drizzy.


The lint rolling went viral almost immediately and gave way to a number of a internet memes, including our own take on Drake’s catalogue. Drake even teamed up with Bounce to distribute We The North lint rollers during last night’s Raptors game, ensuring all Raptors fans would be a fresh as Drizzy.

If Drake is jumping on the promotional product bandwagon, we can’t help but think about what other products we would totally love to snag as freebies as inspired by some of today’s biggest celebs.

Christina Aguilera Hand Fans

Diva’s don’t sweat, but when they do, they have fancy fans.


Jennifer Lawrence Shoe Grips

Anyone who falls down this much should be rocking some Dr. Scholls foot grips.
Jennifer Slip Soles

Jimmy Fallon and Cordless Mics

I would love to receive a personalized Jimmy Fallon cordless mic from a man who lip sync’s like no other.


Seth Rogen Laugh Machine

I can’t think of a single situation that wouldn’t be made better with the use of a little handheld device that plays Seth Rogen’s laugh with the push of a button.

Claire Danes Tissues

What can I say, the woman cries a lot on screen.

Claire Cries

Miley Cyrus Tongue Cleaner

Keep your oral health bangin(z).

Miley Oral Health

Pharrell Arm Extender

If you’re going to rock an oversized hat like Pharrell, taking a good selfie just became that much more difficult. How are you expected to get all of your glorious hat in one picture with an average arm? Enter the Pharrell Arm Extender for Selfies.


Conan Hair Wax

Real talk, how does he get so much body?!

Conan Hair Wax

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