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Dressing in Drag & Crushing on UR Boss: StyL’D recap

May 26th, 2010

This week on StyL'D...

A skinny drag queen look, a blossoming romance, and some dark clouds over Brett’s head – here’s what our fashion forward hopefuls dressed themselves through this week:

Cody and Gary were paired with Julie Weiss to dress actor/singer Tyler Hilton (of One Tree Hill and Walk The Line fame). It was your pretty standard look for a guy – jeans, a nice belt, and a button-up shirt. Cody, being the new guy on the block, worked and styled to impress, and he did an amazing job.

Singer and actor Tyler Hilton

Gary, on the other hand, questioned the details over again with Julie, putting him on her bad side…..enough so that instead of helping her pull clothes, she asked him to get her a coffee! Ouch….lattes will not get you ahead in the fashion world…..

Cody's crushing on head stylist Julie Weiss!

Cody, for all his charms, was smitten with blonde hottie Julie Weiss. The only problem – SHE’S HIS BOSS! He plays it cool, but he definitely lays the charm on thick. And it seemed to be working except for the fact that he messed up one (small) but catastrophic detail: Cody was let Tyler Hilton keep his entire outfit, but he was convinced he needed to get back the belt he was wearing. After attending his concert, he goes back, pulls Hilton away from his signing, and grabs the missing piece of wardrobe…..only to meet Julie’s angry stares the next morning.

Cody takes the belt away after the show.....

On the flipside, Brett is back in the competition!! He was given a probationary chance – working with Jen Rade, Tara and arch-nemesis Janna to dress the band Chester French. And let me tell you – this was a whole other ordeal itself. One of the members wanted to dress in…well….a DRESS. Finding a nice dress that will fit a man’s body, not the easiest thing in the world (good thing for the stylist, the singer looks malnourished, so I think that made it easier).


Brett was on hand to save the day. Not only did he manage to stall the band member while waiting on Jen Rade, Tara and Janna who were caught in last minute dress-finding…..but he also pulled the winner combo for the other member of Chester French (who thankfully wanted to dress like a man!). But, after a stellar performance at styling, he had to break the news that, after Janna lent Brett her car, he backed into an SUV and damaged her rear-bumper! Thank God for his styling skills, honestly. The poor guy.

Brett's back at Number 1!

Tara and Janna stayed relatively quiet for the job, which did not sit well with Jen Rade. And Janna and Brett had the most fake and forced apology/la-de-da-we’re-friends-again moment in the history of television (which they both admitted in their testimonials, so at least both sides knew it wasn’t real).

And then it was time for the rankings:

Week Three: Brett, Cody, Gary, Tara, Janna
Week Two: Tara, Gary, Cody, Janna (Cody hired, Brett fired)
Week One: Brett, Gary, Janna (Tara didn’t do a job yet)

I don’t know about you, but I think Janna is definitely not getting this job! I think it will be Brett…but we’ll have to wait and see…..

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