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Dynamite, grenades and dog days: Find out who was cooler than the rest in 2010!

December 16th, 2010

Many of the artists who enjoyed 2010 as their breakout year have been in the music industry for a while. But it only takes one hit, and years of dedication, to become the next big artist. Check out who made our list of Best New Artist in 2010!

Florence and the Machine

You’d be hard pressed to find any singer who comes close hitting notes with such strength and passion as Florence front woman, Florence Welch. Signed by her manager after auditioning in the bathroom of a house party, the band has exploded this year after playing the VMAs and having their song Dog Days Are Over featured on the Eat Pray Love soundtrack. Eat Pray Love Rock.

Bruno Mars

The Hawaiian-born singer has been working as a producer on other people’s records up until 2009 when Mars finally stepped out of the booth and onto the stage. With his pitch perfect voice and swoon worthy lyrics, Mars will be making people fall in love for a long time to come.


Whether you call him B.o.B. or Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., this Atlanta raised rapper is sure to be called one of the best new MCs in 2010. B.o.B. had three of 2010 biggest songs, collaborating with Bruno Mars on Nothin’ On You, Airplanes with Haley Williams and Magic with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, with all songs appearing on his debut album, B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

Taio Cruz

English singer Taio Cruz hit gold this year with his sophomore album, Rockstarr, which included the chart toppers Break Your Heart and Dynamite. Though new to the North American audience, Cruz has already achieved huge success back home, winning a Brit Award for co-writing Will Young’s Your Game in 2004 when the singer was only 22.

Far East Movement

Fans of the LA based pop group have been following Far East Movement since their hit Round Round was featured in a number of blockbuster films and shows in 2007. But it was 2010’s Like a G6 that pushed the group, comprised of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino ancestry, to the top of the charts.

Mike Posner

In the same year that Posner graduated from Duke University with a degree in Sociology, he also released his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, which spawned two Top 20 hits in the US and Canada. Bit of a show-off if you ask me, but definitely a talented one.

Willow Smith

It’s easy to dismiss Willow Smith as gimmick. How many 9 year-old get to make a music video if their parents aren’t Will and Jada Pinkett Smith? But then again, how many people get signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label and create a worldwide craze for hair whipping? Only the talented ones.

Mumford and Sons

Putting four Englishmen together with instruments has worked considerably well in the past and school friends Mumford and Sons are no exception to the rule. The quartet’s debut album marks a return to rock in mainstream music, with their song Little Lion Man as one of 2010s standout tracks.

Jason Derulo

It’s hard to decide whether Jason Derulo is better at singing or at marketing Jason Derulo. With shout outs to himself in every song, it was difficult to forget this newcomers name. A songwriter for some of pops brightest stars, Derulo decided it was starting to keep some tracks to himself, and good thing he did.

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